Top Ten or should that be THREE Tuesday: Minor Characters, favorite couples deserving a sequel and a rewind post




I couldn’t decide which previous topic to use this week. Since I’m a new participant there weren’t many I’d already done. I was torn between Minor Characters and Favorite Couples, so I sort of combined the two! And, I’ve linked to a previous post that happens to be in the list of possibilities as well.


Robert Bathurst in Downton Abbey

All-time favorite minor fictional character… do you have to ask? Sir Anthony Strallen!

Now for the real list.

  1. I’ve asked author Hilary McKay (in a Tweet) to do a grown-ups version of the Casson Family. The marriage of Bill and Eve Casson is so, well, fascinating (no spoilers). I’ll call Bill Casson one of my minor characters–he is one in the books after all as they are focused on the children who simply take their parents rather odd arrangement as normal. I also hope there’ll eventually be a nice boxed set of these or that they are rebound in one beautiful volume.
  2. Carey Ashburn, a soldier half-hardheartedly courting Scarlett O’Hara while she was a widow in Atlanta and flirting with Rhett when he was in town. She felt sad that she couldn’t get a lock of his hair after he died–he’d been too far down in a cart of wounded to save. Odd that Scarlett felt something for someone, so he must have been a) a real man, b) a bit fun. I’d love to read his memoirs. Gone With the Wind.
  3. Grandfather Lawrence in  Little Women–was he a robber baron? I always think of him as Averell Harriman’s father. Weird, right? I know.
  4. Someone [I know which minor character but if I tell it’ll be a spoiler] from the wrong side of the tracks to retell And the Ladies of the Club as the “other half” saw it.
  5. Seryozha Karenin–Anna Karenina‘s son. Did he grow up to be a White Russian emigre? Or turn traitor to his class and become a revolutionary?
  6. Mrs. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. I adore her and I adore Laurie Walters who plays her.
  7. Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter. Probably this is because Robert Hardy plays him and, in addition to portraying the wonderful Siegfried Farnon in the James Harriot All Creatures Great and Small series he has done a masterful job of playing Winston Churchill
  8.  Not really “minor” since they are the main characters, but they deserve their own book: Wesley and Victoire from Jessica Brockmole’s short story in Fall of Poppies. Read more here.
  9.  I want a sequel to Lynn Austin’s  Fire by Night in  the series Refiner’s Fire. I MUST find out what happens to Julia and James! Read more here.
  10.  Here, too, is a link to my previous post on the books I call my Childhood Favorites


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 Robert Bathurst as Sir Anthony Strallen in Downton Abbey



3 thoughts on “Top Ten or should that be THREE Tuesday: Minor Characters, favorite couples deserving a sequel and a rewind post

  1. sjbraun

    You’re so good at lists; this is the perfect link-up for you! I enjoyed your list, although most of them were new to me. I miss Sir Anthony too; I still wish he and Edith had ended up together ;( The way JF ended the relationship didn’t feel right to me.


    1. It was the assassination of a character’s character! Sir Anthony would NEVER have dumped her after giving his word! Never! From what I heard of the Marquess she gets in the last season she did ok, but really–top that doofy sweet Anthony and that library?? No way, Jose er.. Julian!


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