New to the Public Library of Life? Here are the most popular posts

While this is mostly a book blog, I also write about what I call “Slice of Life” topics as well as on the British Royal Family, and on Cross-Generational Romance (Older man, younger woman, but not trophy wives).

You can use the the Tag Cloud in the sidebar or the Search feature to read any of these posts.

Now that you’ve seen what’s popular, I hope you’ll explore some of the posts that catch your eye…..oh, and on 3 Saturdays per month I run a “What Caught My Eye” feature–few words, just cool stuff!



Jus Smokin Hillbilly BBQ!
Cross-Generational Romance in Real Life: Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Alejandro Santo Domingo
I don’t want to wear a fat lady tunic
Six in Six for 2016
Say no to “boyfriend style”
Between the Lines Hopewell’s Library of Life
Cross-Generational Romances in Real Life: Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles
Mothers and Daughters: Novels for Mother’s Day
Fourth of July Style, yes in a REAL plus-size
Bullet Journaling and how I don’t really do it, but sort of do
Luck Be a Lady! The Classiest Ladies: Grace Kelly, the Early Years
Not Your Usual Women’s History Books: Fiction
Beach Week: What to Pack
Two families, two very different experiences in World War II
Reinventing Myself: French Eating
Have you started packing yet? I have!
Be My Valentine! Day 3 of Crushes: Hey Girl!
Sweet new Winnie-the-Pooh Story with the Queen and George
What Caught My Eye This Week: Pastels
Honey? Let’s Take the Kids to the Beach: A Few Good Reads Before the Trip



At home with the ladies of Ambleside online
Hopewell’s home and the fine art of Japanese Tidying
Mid-Month Reading: Such an Extraordinary bunch of books I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about them!
Cross-Generational Romances in Real Life: Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles
Fiction and Nonfiction on Modern Muslim life
Literary Journeys: Gene Stratton Porter’s South Cabin the Limberlost site and Nature Study
Cross-Generational Romance in Real Life: A White House Wedding
“Assign Yourself…. aka My Own Homeschool Two Year Self-Education Program for 2015-2017”
Book List Love! My list of Books Read By Year, 20th Century Edition
Princess Charlotte’s Christening: The Venue, the Spencer Connection and other details
CORRECTED :What’s ahead for Prince George and Princess Charlotte
My Favorite Things Show 2015
Milla’s Diary
A real parent’s guide to games as Christmas gifts
Fictional Characters I Wish Were Real: Kerry of “A Joyous Season”,14
April 2015 Book Reviews”
Ghost of Xmas Present Media Services, Inc.
First Steps as a Writer
‘Milla’s Diary a day out for Pip and more
What I’ve Been Reading: Second Half of October Edition
Cross-Generational Romance at 24 Sussex Drive

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