What Caught My Eye Extra Edition: Back to School!

T- Shirt



Notebook Paper Name T-Shirt

Good for the first day of school to introduce yourself or for friends’ autographs on the last day of school next Spring.

Backpack DIY


Simple Drawstring Backpack  DIY Messenger Bag Pattern

Watercolor a plain canvas backpack —Buy the backpack, diy the color Recycled Doritos Messenger Bag Use stick-on cloth numbers, paint and trinkets to customize a football backpack. Football Bag Source

Pencil Cases

Make an adorable pencil-shaped pencil case

Or Make a Pencil Case from an old Soda Pop Box

(I imagine someone will do one from a beer box instead)

Locker Decoration and Organization

Recycled CD Locker Decorations

Locker Organizers

Keep ’em Fed

Breakfast Tips

Mini-Pancakes for On the Go  or Frozen Breakfasts to Zap and Go [There are zillions of fast-food breakfast copycat recipes on Pinterst]

Lunch Packing Station, Lunch Bags and Sandwich Wraps


Healthy Foods System One and Two and Three

Don’t forget the ubiquitous salad in a jar for lunches or simple homemade “lunchables”

Recycled Jeans Lunch Bag DIY Oilcloth Lunch Bag

Beeswax Fabric Sandwich Wrap or Re-useable Green Sandwich Wraps

 Grab one of these per kid and keep them in the car–one per child and grab a box of wax liners at Costco or Sam’s


 Brilliant Car Food Solution

Homework and School Supply Stations



This Mom has it Nailed!

 After-School Activities area drain on the budget–pack snacks and keep an “office” binder in the car with school supplies for homework on the go.

Stay Organized to Stay Sane

Command Centers


Have any great tips, ideas, Pins or blog posts on this topic? Share them in a comment.


I enjoy reading your comments!

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