Top 5 Books I Will Never Read


These are five I’m not likely to read, but never say never is a good motto.


The Top Five



Unless Jeremy Irons shows up to read it aloud to me personally, I’m not reading it. Lolita.








I really don’t think I’ll be reading this. I endured the Foundation Trilogy (Isaac Asimov) in a political theory course–that’s enough  for me. Dune.









I’m so not into vampires, zombies and all that. There is a copy around the house from when someone else in the family attempted it. No thanks. Twilight. Frankly, I think you can toss Divergent and Hunger Games on here, too. Not my thing. The very word “dystopian” makes my eyes glaze over. Fantasy and Science Fiction do so as well, but much slower.






Anyone else recall the Yuppie Handbook of the 80’s saying when someone asks your favorite book just name this one? Yeah. Cause no one really reads it. One Hundred Years of Solitude. I’m open to other titles by this author.







Sounds like Outlander, the 21st Century version, sans time travel. No thanks, even though a friend I trust read it and said it wasn’t bad. Just no. Fifty Shades of Grey.







Two Bonus Series




How many rapes were in that five minutes I endured of the t.v. show? Not even Iain Glen himself could make me enjoy this series. It’s just not my thing. Even my son said it was weird and he likes stuff like this.  Game of Thrones.






Nor will I be returning to more of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I nearly wrecked the car listening to the Outlander [book one] when forced oral sex (something like that) was on the audio before I was properly caffeinated. No thanks. I admit, it wasn’t ALL, like that–but too much for me. If they come out with an abridged edition that tones the sex way down then I could, possibly, reconsider.

I will keep trying with the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I might also try a few of Stephen King’s books–I read and enjoyed The March, but he wrote it under another name. And while I’m not a big fan of horror I did read and appreciated (not sure that I “enjoyed” it) Dracula so I have Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde still on my to-read list.

What books would go on your list? Leave me a comment or link to your own Top 5 post.

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 Books I Will Never Read

  1. I think we have lots in common. GOT is a never read for me. Outlander I am not so sure. But I might give it a pass becauseof the size. Well, I have read 100 years of solitude and liked it. If you want a shorter book Of Love and other demons and Chronicle of a death foretold are good choices. I dont know if I would read Lolita. the subject bothers me alot

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    1. Thanks for the tips. I have nothing against the author of Love in the Time…. it just brought that joke to mind. But at this point, reading it isn’t likely. And, yes, I’d say we do have lots in common in our reading taste!! That’s good thing.

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  2. Ha – I enjoyed this! I’ve read Lolita (decades ago, found it a bit dull!) and Dune (argh – stuck on a houseboat in Norfolk, I’d run out of books and there was no opportunity to buy any more, and these were the only four books on the boat!). I keep getting recommended Outlander, had no idea it had that sort of content. Your story does remind me of one my husband told me of happily listening to his sci fi audio book on the bus, early one morning, when some astronauts got VERY involved with each other all of a sudden!

    I’ve not read GOT and I accept I’m never going to read War and Peace. No desire to read Twilight or 50 Shades.


  3. Twilight is also on mine haha. 50 shades is something I tried reading and I did not enjoy it at all. The movie was absolutely shit too. I enjoyed it a little bit but thinking back it was so poorly put together and it was just so boring…

    chloreads.blogspot.co.uk xx

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  4. Haha I’m usually so focussed on all the books I long to read that I forget about those that I don’t want to – many of which are on your list. That includes FSOG which for an absolute age was what people asked me if I’d read when they heard I enjoyed reading 😊

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  5. Wait!, I love 100 Years, and Love in the Times… and Gabriel García Márquez. I am playing with yes or no to Lolita, but for now, I’m determined to read everything else by Nabokov (I’ve only read his Invitation to a Beheading), because I adore how he writes, but I’m not ready for Lolita.
    I’ve read the Hunger Games, they are fast and a fine fast read. But I don’t care for Twilight.
    You’d see me dead before you see me with Fifty Shades… I don’t even call it a book!

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