One Sitting Wonderful…A book to read in one sitting


“Half the books in this library aren’t worth reading”….. says patron
“Read the other half….” says bored librarian.

Thank you, Richard Peck for the marvelous, marvelous Here Lies the Librarian! A funny book, resonating with issues STILL facing libraries nearly 100 years after the books setting, and includes both Dad’s obscure Indiana birthplace and a character who not only has Mom’s obscure maiden name, but she almost has mom’s equally obscure first name! Great work from a great author! Nothing “young adult” about this–no vampires, or anything except totally believable characters and setting. You are right, Brownsburg IS stuck up–still almost 100 years later! [teeheehee].

This review was originally published on my old blog in November 2010.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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