What Caught My Eye: Silly Stuff Edition

Most of us had a three-day weekend this week. I had five thanks to a huge number of vacation days that go with my job. I remember, as a Mom to school-aged kids, how LONG those weekends could get if everyone else went out of town. And, not everyone has a massive family BBQ to go to or a parade or Union picnic. So for those of you thinking tonight “Oh My Word, How will we survive ALL. Day. Monday.” I’ve got you covered.

Silly Meals

Letting them eat crap for one day won’t spoil their brain development or make them couch potatoes.



Drag out leftover birthday decorations and have breakfast the silly way. Make the pancakes in silly shapes. Serve them on leftover birthday plates (come on, you know you have them), use Christmas glasses for juice–be silly. It sucks, I know, but kids love it!

Cake Batter Pancakes


Morning Craft


Awesome right! The slacker Mom version is even awesome-r. Broccoli rubber bands, little cups of paint, an old sheet tied up in the backyard. Heck you could take a bubble bath this one will keep them happy that long! But, if you are handy, you could do it the right way. Remember–water -based paint! Catapult painting




Silly sandwiches– yes, if you MUST, you can use Fair Trade Organic Sunflower Butter on Artisan Bread, but honestly? The kids won’t care. Go on! Make a gas station run–let them pick a soda and chips—oh just shot the budget and let them pick and ice cream bar for afterwards. It’s ONE DAY. And, if you’re quick you can pull the “gross” olives off and recycle them into your coffee cup martini. Olive Monsters. Tongue Monsters.





Yes, it does have unpronounceable chemicals in it. And? Did you DIE from eating them? No. Every Baby boomer alive ate Fluffernutter sandwches. (Except me—I hate marshmallows). Yes you could go all healthy and buy organic bananaa chips, but why when the gas station has big bags of normal, every day pretzels and maybe even Graham crackers shaped like Teddy Bears. One. Day. One.

Fluffernutter dip.




Don’t groan. I know! I know! One of them will cheat, one will have a fit. I know. Just mix a new martini and pretend you are a high priced nanny. If George and Charlotte wanted to play you bet your Mary Poppins-era  boots you’d play.


Don’t go all Girl Scout Leader and assemble the stuff before hand. Drag out the stuffed animals–bears are one color, unicorns another and baseball gloves another. Use laundry baskets, decorative baskets, printer-paper boxes, whatever. Let them scream and be wild. Yes, you and the dog must play. You can both refresh your drink afterwards. Human Hungry, Hungry Hippos.



Don’t worry! I’ve tossed in some cute veggies and Ranch to keep them healthy enough to go back to school Tuesday!!!



Threaded Spaghetti Bites  Heck with enough Ranch or BBQ or Salsa I’d even eat a few!

Funnel Cake Fries!

Owl Veggies and Ranch

After dinner fun

Make up silly stories, create a silly treasure hunt or just watch that ONE movie that gets on your last never but that they beg to watch. Just do it.  Make it fun–do s’mores or make these great unfried ice cream deserts together. Everyone sample every one. Pull out random coffee cups to serve them in. Let the dog make one. This is to be fun! Kid version of fun-not what Mom wants kids to find fun. Yes, that’s really hard. I know! I know!


Kid-friendly, NOT fried ice cream


Bath time–skip it. It’s one day!

Bedtime--sleep with your head at the foot of the bed, wear your sister’s or Dad’s pajamas, say silly, but sincere prayers, read that book you dread, get out sock puppets to tell the story, read a book in the dog’s voice. Do something just silly.

Then Mom and Dad can play silent Twister!

Any silly ideas to add? And you guessed right–my high-maintenance kiddo was a boy!





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