Top Five Wednesday: Characters I Wish Were Family


Rhett Butler as my husband…… it’s a long-held fantasy. The ultimate bad boy. Plus he’s tall, dark, handsome, funny, sweet and successful. Not bad…..With his money I could learn to ignore Belle.

Reuven Mather in the Chosen as my baby-brother (Ok, he’d be about old enough to be my grandpa, but this is all in fun, ok?) He’s sweet and reads and isn’t bad a baseball.

Missy in the Joyous Season as my granddaughter. I hope I’d be a better grandmother to her than the two she’s blessed with! It goes without saying that big brother Kerry would be  a grandchild, too. You can read more about him in this older post of mine. Plus my real life daughter would ADORE having a daughter with a spread in Vogue at age five!

If I can’t have Rhett, I’ll marry another fabulous bad boy–Richard Grenville in Daphne Du Maurier’s fabulous novel The King’s General. And, I’m pretty sure he speaks just like Jeremy Irons………off to my swooning couch now.

Miss Moneypenny of the James Bond books as my aunt. She’d always be dreamy and talking about a wonderful man and we’d both know it was one of her spies. What on Earth did she type for them? And did they have to eat the paper? Burn it? I’ll ask next time she comes to tea.

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Samantha Bond (aka Downton Abbey’s Aunt Rosamund) as Miss Moneypenny, with James Bond (Pierce Brosnan).  Photo: MGM.

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