Bloated, Behemoth of Boredom


I can’t be the only one who bailed on this behemoth? I read masses of historical fiction, but this…..

First, It does not move at the clip of Downton Abbey or Gosford Park. Second, the tedium of all the treachery made me throw this back about 9 or so hours into the audio version. (I also kept imagining Downton’s Lady Rosamund Painswck –Samatha Bond–when Lady Bucklemybits –or whatever her name was–spoke). I had little, if any, sympathy for any character. Just back stab after betrayal after two-faced-phony-witchy-action.  It was like having Mr. Green in every episode of Downton. I wished for someone as nice as O’Brien was with the soap.

As other reviewers have pointed out this is written to be turned into a t.v. script (imagine that!). Even with the costumes, even with Dame Maggie as Lady BuckleUp, even with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston AND Jeremy Irons, this would still be a a bore.

I’ve given it three stars because I simply cannot pan Julian Fellows any more than that. This tone of story is  just not my thing. I don’t expect Pollyanna, but every scene having a do-badder just isn’t my cup of Earl Grey. And nary a clever quip with any of it. And, in case you weren’t aware, the Cubitt’s are family  from which sprang Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (aka Mrs. Parker-Bowles).

Belgravia by Sir Julian Kitchener-Fellowes


4 thoughts on “Bloated, Behemoth of Boredom

  1. Possibly what I thought it would be my future with this book. Lisa, I have no faith on this one. Victoria is recommended by the same friend. While I love my book club friends to the moon and back, I have no idea why they keep proposing and gravitating to mostly modern titles that, good grief, are between 400 and 500 pages! I am hesitant to read books that are so long and that have no solid readership at their base. And this is because this year I want to immerse myself at one point into the Brothers Karamazov, and The Grey House, so no time for long weak modern titles. (I have luckily spotted it on audio at Hoopla, so I will listen a bit and probably quit to move onto GREAT stuff that is waiting for me on my shelves and at the library).
    This year I don’t have to a) read them all, if i want to go and listen to those who read the monthly title while munching good food, fine, if not, I can make it 7 or 8 times and be perfectly happy. The ladies are truly nice, and there are always possible surprises (maybe that A Voice in the Wind ends up a good title). My most anticipated one is the Zusak’s title, I Am the Messenger.


    1. Save yourself hours of agony and just nod and smile and laugh when the others do!! There is nothing worth the time in Belgravia. Read the free chapter and move on. I keep saying I’ll read either Brothers K or Crime and Punishment but never do. I was a Russian Studies major but could never schedule the lit course so I’ve had only Tolstoy and Turgenev.


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