Books You’d Want as TV Shows


Kids and Teens



I’d like to see the Hallmark Channel make The Dark Ferret Society into a series. I know they wouldn’t mess it up and turn it into some dreary  “message” show with a theme, like eating disorders, every week. They’d show the FAMILY parts of the story in a positive like just like they were written. Book Two of this series comes out soon. You can read the first book, The Dark Ferret Society,  as a e-book for half price this month. Here are the details: Code: AG8GQ7PU  Estore page: https://www.createspace.com/6043309

You can read my review of The Dark Ferret Society here.



This young adult book series would make a good tv show. They live in and run a hotel with suites named after famous movie stars, characters or movies. The kids have interesting lives in theater and school and in the hotel. Of course it’s in NY, too, so that would help it be popular. Suite Scarlett. Just so it doesn’t turn into the Suite Life of Zack and Cody version 2. This is a FAMILY, not just kids running wild.





I’ve posted many times about my love of Hilary McKay’s Casson Family series. Indigo’s Star is my favorite of the books. I love the Casson’s so much I’ve twice now asked the author to write a grown-ups novel about the parents’ marriage for the other side of the story. Meanwhile, I’d like some British producer to show us the lives of Eve, darling Bill (probably seen only on the phone in London) and Caddy, Indigo, Rose and Saffy and their friends. Could Jeremy Irons play Darling Bill?  Julie Walters as Eve? Lily James as Caddy? Swoon….. Indigo’s Star.




If there was a PBS Masterpiece franchise for kids then I’d want it to debut with the Melendy Quartet. They’d make sure the costumes were right, that the kids didn’t use modern slang or–like in most historical (commercial) tv shows (The Walton’s or Happy Day’s for example) they won’t morph into modern people in an old-time setting. The folks who make shows worthy of Masterpiece know to leave that to Dr. Who. They also wouldn’t insult kids’ intelligence by adding “lessons” at the end like “Don’t try this today!” They’d just do it so….well….right.





The second series on Kids Masterpiece would be The Penderwicks. They are like the Meldeys, but modern, though not as artsy as the Cassons and without absent the husband, either. And, I’m sure Batty was a Daniel Tiger fan from the get-go, so PBS is perfect. Mr. Penderwick probably helps with the pledge-drive at his local PBS affiliate.




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