Shelf Control: An Office Fit for A Writer and a Darling Monster!


Last month I did a Top Ten Tuesday list of books on my shelf that I haven’t read. Then it became obvious that my daughter really had fled the nest for good so I reclaimed her bedroom as my home office.


In the process of moving my books from the dining area (the three matching bookcases) and from two bookcases in my bedroom (not shown) I was able to take time and sort books and reshelve them in a  way that makes my librarian’s heart sing! Previously they new ones were just where ever I could make or find space. I weeded a few as well. Hello Half Priced books for a few of them, hello library book sale for others. The white bookcases and the chair now hold mostly fiction and the white bookcase is double-shelved (books behind those you see). As you can imagine, I found even MORE books I hadn’t read! Mind you, some I buy as a collector. I don’t imagine there’s that much new on Churchill, the Roosevelts or the Royal Family that I haven’t already read somewhere. So, even, ignoring those bought just for those collections, at my current non-audio reading rate I could probably get thru a year or two without ever buying a book or getting one from the library!

So how to pick just one for this post? I first consulted the old post I mentioned above. Then I looked at the books in progress but set aside for some reason–after all I hadn’t really read them. Then I thought of my current manuscript–I woudln’t want to end up plagiarizing now would I? So, I settled on this one.


The title told me pretty much what I’d imagined–Diana Cooper wasn’t just any upper class mother. She had style! Darling Monster,  indeed! In my Amberleigh books, Julia always calls her husband Clive a Horrid Old Monster, but like in this book, Monster is a term of loving endearment. (He calls her a Beastly Little Girl in the same fashion–I thought you’d want to know that. It’s called piquing your interest in a hopefully, someday forthcoming fiction series, ok?).

So check back soon for my review. Rest assured though, soon means sometime before next year. Just so we’re straight on that point.  Darling Monster by Diana Cooper.


Want to join the fun? You can do your own Shelf Control post by visiting Bookfantasies and reading Lisa’s post. Then join the fun!

NPG x132041; John Julius Cooper, 2nd Viscount Norwich; Diana, Viscountess Norwich (Lady Diana Cooper) by Yvonne Gregory
by Yvonne Gregory, half-plate glass negative, mid 1930s


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