Top 5 Characters I wouldn’t trade places with



When picking for this post, obviously, there are some sources that would be demeaned by their inclusion here. The Holocaust comes immediately to mind. So, the non-fiction choices all have had a positive outcome, though against great odds.





I’ll just let the moldy ham be my reason for not wanting to be one of the kids in this family. The other reasons are too traumatic to endure again. This is a terrifying roller-coaster of a memoir. The proof of “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” and then some.  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.







I wouldn’t trade places with Joe Rantz, the young man abandoned by his family to fend for himself in Boys in the Boat. While I regret that we’ve seemingly lost the sort of resiliancy that Joe and so many others in the so-called Greatest Generation had, I don’t think we should bring back unprocesuted child abandonment, either. Boys in the Boat….







I can’t think of anyone in this book that I’d change places with–even the author himself, who finally escapes. He had to live thru it first. Angela’s Ashes.









I would not want to be the poor little sister in this family. Where the heck where the parents and why the heck wasn’t big brother in massive amounts of therapy? Fabulously told story, but I never understood how such well-off parents skirted the whole idea of therapy for archery-obsessed son. We Need to Talk About Kevin.







This one is probably too obvious. I’d not want to be the second Mrs. Maxim De Winter, though the set-up, pre-arrival at Manderlay would have been just my thing. A charming, handsome older man and an apparently beloved second wife. But then……… Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier.






Did you do a Top 5 post this week? Do you have a character you’d never want to change places with? Leave me a comment! You can join the Top 5 Wednesday Fun at the Group’s headquarters on Goodreads.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Characters I wouldn’t trade places with

  1. A lot of these sound interesting! “Kevin” does, reminds me of Burke Ramsey. Eeek! I really need to read Angela’s Ashes, too — heard it mentioned so often. I agree with you on not wanting to trade places with any of these people. I think too of the guy in “Unbroken” — similar to the Boys in the Boat guys.

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