Arthur Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club–no, not really! A Fun Read!


Ok, so I couldn’t resist the play on words. This is a sweet, sweet book! No, not mushy-slushy and no not peopled with Pollyanna-types. This is a sweet story that could be real. Arthur Pepper has lost his beloved wife Miriam and get thru each day by sticking to a strict routine. As the one-year anniversary of her death approaches, Arthur tackles the dreaded task of getting rid of his wife’s things. In the process he finds a charm bracelet–one he has no memory of. He sets out to find out what each charm means.

This book grabbed me at the first words and held me to the very end. There were no slow points–I sat in the driveway most nights listening to just a little more! It was that kind of book. I was stunned to read that this story is author Phaedra Patrick’s debut novel! Wow! And, the audio reader was perfect–he knew Arthur and voiced him exactly the right way.

Picky people may say of the story “Oh come on, he couldn’t have found out things so easily.” I say “Why the heck not?” This is a book of true love, of self-discovery, of how we protect those we love, of how memory deceives us plus there are tigers! Yes, tigers! And a Lord who wears only electric blue! I will treasure the memory of Lord and Lady Graystock to my grave–what a marvelous story!!

Along his journey Arthur discovers that life isn’t just routine. It isn’t all mustard colored sweater vests and old man trousers. Electric blue pants can be liberating! Tigers can want to play, and people are people all over the world–and many are lonely. And, he is not, in any way shape or form, a lost cause.

If you loved Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, you’ll adore the Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper just as much.




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