The difference one or two people can make

ppbs3-24564259regFew things on t.v. keep my interest these days, but anything by Ken Burns gets my attention. His newest film, Defying the Nazis, the Sharps’ War moved my like few other films. Unitarian Minister Waitstill Sharp and his wife Martha, went into the whirlwind of immediate pre-war Nazi Germany and did what it took to save lives. They did the truly dangerous part-leading those to be saved out of Germany. They are the sort of people I’ve always hoped I’d have the courage to be!

If you saw the show and were moved by it then you will likely be just as fascinated by this book–about another couple who rescued Jewish children from the Nazis.


Think one person, or two people together, can’t make a difference. Think again. This book tells the amazing true story of two Americans, a well-to-do Jewish couple from Philadelphia who did the unthinkable: The went to Nazi Germany just before the start of the War and rescued 50 children. Lawyers often get a very bad rap, but this one used his knowledge of the law to come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of waiting years for Visas. I was humbled and moved by the blatant audacity of Gilbert and Eleanor Krause and the victory they achieved. This is a story of true courage and is not to be missed. 50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple.... by Steven Pressman. (This review was originally published May 27, 2014, on my old blog.)

You may also want to learn more about how “radical” so-called Confessing Church within Germany resisted Hitler. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a leader in that church–he was a martyr to this cause. Here is the a link to get you started–my story of his engagement to a much younger, but shockingly mature, woman named Maria Von Wedemeyer.

Finally, if you missed the post last week, here is the one book I would hope I would go to prison defending–the Bible. Read it here.

This is not a political blog and I do not accept political comments, but I am posting this to help people see that throwing away their vote does not help anyone. Yes, your one vote, your one pair of hands, your one check, your one time getting involved can and does make a difference–even if it does not save a life. Voting, speaking up, doing. All matter.

4 thoughts on “The difference one or two people can make

  1. Love this post — it’s my kind of thinking. I may not be able to do great things, but in my small way, I keep inching along. Bonhoeffer is a wonderful example. I will look into the Ken Burns thing. I really like his work, but I have not seen/heard of this one.


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