Top Five Wednesday: Books That Took Me Forever to Finish Reading!


These are books that I’ve had to try again and again or simply FORCE myself to either finish or forever abandon. I have no problem tossing books back when they don’t keep my interest.

The Top TWO this week!



I started reading Ivanhoe in 2009. Truthfully, I still haven’t finished it, but in 2014 or 2015 I decided to call it “finished” as in “I’m finished read this.” Ivanohoe by Sir Walter Scott.

I’m doing much better with his Kenilworth and I think the Serial Reader App would be a blessing for Ivanhoe. It’s getting me painlessly thru Les Miz.




foundation This massive hunk of sci-fi was assigned in my 100-level international relations course in college. It shows the different models of the balance of power in a “world.” It was one big huge, YAWN. I crammed it in the last two days beforer finals–I’d had all semester. I hated it. Still hate it. Loathe sci-fi. Then, major injustice to my self-important 18 your old self: No questions at all on the final. No wonder the frat boys never carried it–their test files showed nothing would be asked! [This was right before my University opened a public exam file to counteract the privilege of the frat files]. Happily, I still got an A for the courseFoundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov.



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Meanwhile, this is the Ivanhoe I prefer!!!

Ivanhoe’s of Upland, Indiana!


4 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Books That Took Me Forever to Finish Reading!

  1. Moby Dick was my nemesis until I listened to it and discovered what a difference that made…I read too quickly, and miss the cadence and poetry of works from the 18th and 19th century, so I’ve taken to listening to them instead. .BTW, Les Miserables is available from LibriVox as free downloads…I’d be lost without this site – it provides me with hundreds of hours of classics in audiobook form for free.

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  2. sjbraun

    Hmmm … I have not read any of those. Years ago, I started Madame Bovary and quit. But when I tried again this year, I enjoyed it. The only book I can think of that I just couldn’t get through as an adult was Ulysses. I’m sure part of that was that I just didn’t “get” what the author was trying to do or say — but it was so massive that I just didn’t care. And another thumbs up for Ivanhoe’s of Upland!! Yum yum!

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    1. Ulysses has never even made it to my to read list. lol…I need to finish Madame Bovary–I’m loving reading Les Mis on Serial Reader (an app)–I don’t get overwhelmed because it only gives me “so much” of the book each day.


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