Top 10 Tuesday: Books Someone Recommended


In real life, I’m a librarian with an M.L.S. degree from a Big 10 University. That almost makes me a dinosaur! I had no classes in online searching, and until I went back to school to start an M.L.I.S. (that I wasn’t able to finish due to work), I hadn’t had any coding since my long-ago foray into Fortran! Dianosaur. Might as well be writing this in hieroglyphics! That’s a long-winded way to say I read lots and lots of reviews–Librarian trusted sources as well as 1 and 2 stars on Amazon. I like to see WHY people enjoyed or hated a book. B

My friends, to a one, are all readers. My family, except sadly, my own kids, are also big readers. Here then are some of the books that I’ve had recommended and then read.




My best friend since college kept telling me to read this series. I listened to the book, and truthfully DID enjoy much of the story but couldn’t take the amount of graphic sex–especially forced sex. If there’s ever a PG-13 version, i’ll read more. Outlander.





Another dear friend ADORES Japanese literature–especially anything by Haruki Murakami. I enjoyed this well enough until I mess it up It was on one of those MP3 players from the library–my format of last resort. I was trying to change the volume while driving–they don’t stream on my car stereo–and messed up my place in the book, accidentally revealing the secret. So much for that one. I will try more of this author though–my friend is right, the writing is brilliant. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki





Sarah, a very creative homeschooling blogger who has since graduated her kids to adult life and stopped blogging in favor of a career designing knitting patterns,  hosted an online book club for a while. Thru it I was introduced to this gem. I even loved the movie! Rare for me. I Capture the Castle.





My Mom introduced me to Sharon Owens’ books and I’ve loved each one. They are believable and about people you wish you knew–big recommendations for me! Tea House on Mulberry Street.

Since childhood, my Mom has introduced me to so many great books! I still recommend books to my kids even though both refuse to read. Some day…maybe…please?






My blogging friend Susan, at Girls in White Dresses, has reviewed several books I’ve gone on to enjoy. This novel spoke to both of us in different ways. We both found it compelling reading though. I definitely want to read more from this author.








Susan’s college-student daughter’s review prompted me to finally read Perks of Being a Wallflower–and I’m so happy I did. Amazing book. I loved it.





Linda at Filled With Laughter and I went to the same high school at the same time, but ran in different circles. We came to be friends on Facebook a few years back and I’m so glad we did–and not only for the books I’ve found thru her! But this new series, by a young author who went to school with Linda’s daughter, just amazes me! I’ll be reviewing the second book very soon, but for now go and read book one of the Dark Ferret Society! You can read my review here.





Beth Anne, a friend thru friends on Facebook, and I became friends because we love so many of the same books. Portrait of a Marriage is an amazing book! The truth and beauty of all aspects of marriage are perfectly written. I love this book like part of my very being.





Long, long ago  (2009/10 was the last year) I did homeschool with my kids and we “mostly” used Ambleside Online (I was not a purist with my high school aged son for personal reasons). I have been reading from the curriculum’s fabulous offerings since finding it in 2004? (I can’t remember). I even keep a blog, A Lifelong Learner in Ambleside, where I track my reading progress. I’m currently reading Les Miserable by Victor Hugo and Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott–both from the AO lists.  Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek surprised me so much–I loved every word. You can read my review here, but I’ve chosen it to represent all the great books I’ve read because they were in the AO curriculum. [Caution: If you are interested in AO for homeschooling READ THIS--it’s not just a book list! It’s so wonderfully much more!]



My niece recommended this book about our hometown–she read it in college in our hometown. It’s since become my go-to book for a high school graduation gift. If you cannot understand America, you might want to read this. It explains a lot of the residual pain of slavery and segregation. Of how race is “seen” in American in ways it might not be seen in other countries. It is a book I am very glad was written. Life on the Color Line.



Can I add an 11th? I just cant’ want to leave her out!



My CPA nephew (whose birthday is today!) rarely reads things I could imagine reading–even when they are fiction! But his lovely wife does read a lot of good stuff! Water for Elephants is a book I’d passed on, but after hearing her talk about how it moved her I had to read it. And, again, I’m glad I did!



What about you? Any book recommendations from your friends or non-book bloggers or other sources?

You can join in the fun of Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and The Bookish.


Just had to re-post this sensational meme! Very definition of “spot-on.” What? You never had to endure an episode of HEE-HAW? Well, listen to the song here and then laugh at the meme. For those who don’t get it, it is for Outlander!






11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books Someone Recommended

  1. I have read several you recommended — The Joyous Season, and most notably GWTW come to mind! I love the “friends” feature of GoodReads because it really is fun to hear what friends recommend. The other day I was remembering several years ago, when I actually just browsed the library shelves. That is a rare event these days!

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    1. I rarely look anywhere in the library–maybe the new books, or, if I’m out of them, the audios. I request everything. I love having Goodreads, Amazon and blogs, but still love the Christian Science Monitor and NPR for books–both find really great stuff.


  2. I had Outlander recommended to me, too. Sadly I’ve never read it because it and the rest of the books are so long! Good for you for reading it!
    a href=”http://www.anovelglimpse.com/2016/10/11/top-ten-tuesday-all-about-books-you-read-because-of-recommendation/”>My TTT.

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  3. I watched the pilot of the TV show, “Outlander” and while I adored the concept (and that it’s a period drama), I haven’t returned to it because, yeah, the FF button would be used a lot. Plus, in short I DO NOT need another show to get hooked on. I have quite enough of those. 😉

    Aww, “I Capture the Castle” is one of my favorite flicks! SO cute.

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland. Visit anytime.

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