Favorite Non-Canon Ship: Andith


Don’t listen to Julian, Anthony!!

My Lord, My Ladies, I give you Sir Anthony and Lady Strallan


For those of you who are my age and for whom TUMBLR is a mystery, the following is a glossary.

  1. OTP One True Pairing
  2. Head Canon or Canon–the show, the book(s) etc–that kind of “canon”
  3. ‘Ship to worship–as in your faves…er favorites.

  4. Usually, but not always, known by a combination of their names



The one and only OTP that I’ve ever ‘shipped in or out of the canon was Andith:  Lady Edith Crawley and Sir Anthony Strallan on Downton Abbey.  Until Julian Fellowes took his pen and removed Anthony’s very obvious backbone and sent him running from the Church in tears, that is.  Never mind that Edith ended up out-ranking Mary by marrying a Marquess. Edith was meant to prattle away at Anthony and Anthony was meant to rummage in his library and nod adoringly in Edith’s direction.



Back in the day I even wrote my own fan fiction of the couple. Here is MY version of how Season Three should have gone! (Click on the Heading below to go to the story).

My Downton Abbey Season 3: Fan fiction: Lady Edith’s Story

See? My version was better!



Do you enjoy Fan Fiction? Do you write it? Who is your OTP?

Leave me a comment or a link!

Meanwhile, you can join in all the Top 5 Wednesday fun by joining the group on Goodreads and playing along. Here’s the link to the GROUP.

If you like Tumblr, Downton Abbey, George Clooney, the Royal Family or Jeremy Irons, here is the link to my Tumblr.

Need another OTP to ‘ship? Morganne is my other. Read about them here.




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