What Caught My Eye: Globes! Maps!



I love geography, travel, antique maps and old globes. So this week I’ve got a great curated list that helps share my passion for most things geographical!! As a kid I had a globe with topography–you could feel the mountains! Very cool. Those little globe banks were very popular, too, but I never had one of those. I’ve traveled some in my life–to the U.K., the Malawi for Peace Corps with a side trip to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls and later to Ukraine. My Mom and my uncle spent part of their childhood in Brazil. I guess travel and the world are just a part of me. But I think the lesson below is what got it all started for me. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Englehart, did the tangerine globe. I was hooked.


Maps as Decoration

Altered Globes for Decoration

Source  Source  Source

Practical Globes and Maps

Source  Source  Source  Sources  Source  Source  


Wearable Maps and Globes


My favorite wearable map item: Edwina,  Countess Mountbatten’s lingerie map from a silk pilot’s map from World War II. Source.

Source   Source  Source Source  Source 

Sleep Under a Map

Source  Source

Edible Maps and Globes

Store your cookies or cake pops in this vintage mapped “Biscuit Tin” or Cookie Jar

Source Source  Source  Source  Source


The Fabled “Pink Bits”–not quite the British Empire, but I love both of these!

Source        Source

One Last Fun Little Map


Who could resist this tea-towel upholstered stool? A map of Tasmania!


What Caught Your Eye This Week?

Have any great map-ish or globe-ish items to share?

Leave me a comment or a link.

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