Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Spooky Settings

PBS Mystery Old Opening (Now Masterpiece Mystery)

A little something to get us all in a spooky mood!


I’m taking some liberty with this topic because I’m not happy when I’m scared. I prefer to have fun!

1. My favorite ghost


There is only ONE ghost in my life–Rex Harrison as Captain Daniel Craig. When widowed Mrs. Muir moves to the sea side she discovers her home is haunted by a very romantic ghost! For 1947 the special effects are good, too. The on-screen chemistry between Gene Tierney, as Mrs. Muir, and Harrison as her ghostly housemate and romantic lead make this picture truly unforgettable. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.





2. My Favorite Scary Scene


Scarlett flees the Yankees, is abandoned by Rhett, and arrives home at Tara to find her mother dead. “Favorite” isn’t the word–“most viewed” sounds odd. Gone With the Wind.



4. My Favorite Creepy Thriller

Nobody does creepy better than Mrs. Danvers!  Rebecca PBS Masterpeice Version,   Movie  Book.



5a. Scariest Scene in Childhood


Still not a Wizard of Oz fan thanks to the horrible, scary flying monkeys. Their weirded-me out completely! Take my advice, read the original book instead. Wizard of Oz.


5b. The only scary things I liked as a kid



The Addams Family--Original tv show and the newer movies. Love them all!

Here’s a fun article about the Addams Family


adams2.jpg One of the original Addams Family cartoons by artist Charles Addams. Source


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Bonus: I can’t lie–this is my favorite spooky show!

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