Postcards from a Bookshelf: Connecting to Readers with Translated Books

I am reblogging this because I feel reading the world is important. Reading books written not only by authors from other cultures, but first written in their native languages expands everyone’s world. On this blog, if you click on the word cloud on Reading Around the World or Reading Across America to see my posts inspired by this blogger’s work.

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In 2012, Ann Morgan read the world. Her blog and original reading project, A Year of Reading the World, has grown to much success, leading to a book deal, translation projects, and a larger literary journey that has kept Ann on her toes ever since. For 2017, she’s embarking on a new project — and she’d love to hear from you.

Yesterday on her blog, Ann launched Postcards from my Bookshelf, in which she plans to send a translated book to a stranger each month.

Yesterday marked exactly five years since I launched the idea of spending 2012 trying to read a book from every country in the world. In celebration of this milestone and the generosity of book lovers around the planet who helped me in my quest, I have pledged to send a translated book to a different stranger each month throughout 2017…

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