Preparing for Bed on Christmas Eve

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A Christmas Eve Box is a new thing, started perhaps, by this service, that sells them. It contains Christmas pajamas and a few goodies to help you wait for the haul of goodies the next morning. Now, my parents only let us open a present early once. That’s all it took. We waited after that, but different families have different traditions. You could do a box like this but with just new pajamas and maybe a new Christmas coloring book or something that isn’t really a Christmas present. Maybe add your own traditions–maybe you get out Great-Aunt Mable’s quilt to help the kids sleep or perhaps you put on a special Christmas cd or dvd. The box could go along with that. Maybe your child received a stuffed Santa or stuffed Reindeer one year and it comes out to snuggle with.only on Christmas Eve? Make your own rules about this! Anyway, this post is about Christmas Eve Bedtime.




 If you are decor-minded you could order one of these beautiful future heirlooms.Or maybe Grandpa or Great-Grandpa would make one as a real heirloom.




For my kids, Christmas Eve was when Grandma came and it was a night they got to sleep in my bed. No arguments on going to bed that night! The cats were good-natured about forced-snuggling and stuffed animals joined the mix as well. It’s a great memory. Like many families, we had a box with slips of paper to draw out each night in December. One kid drew the slip, the other did our Advent Calendar. One the slip of paper was a Christmas book, game, dvd or activity for that evening. And, for the record, of course I rigged it so we didn’t make cookies on a school night! It was a lot of fun for all of us though.

Budget-friendly DIY Christmas Eve Box

Great suggestions to have all the fun, without all the cost. Source.

I am a single Mom, so while a lot of these ideas sound great–they can get expensive. Christmas p.j.s never happened–who wants to wear them AFTER Christmas? Ditto other holiday jammies–not in the budget. Here’s some budget-helpers:

  1. Dollar Tree Christmas Socks instead of pajamas
  2. Dollar Tree Red and Green Gloves–mix and match!
  3. Christmas Breakfast Placemats  Color with a box of new crayons (buy at back-to-school and hide). Use a coloring page and stickers and Christmas cards from charity mailings to decorate the rest of the page. Or copy out the first verse of the Christmas Story–the one Linus tells in Charlie Brown Christmas. (This is a great one for homeschoolers doing copywork.)



Pajamagram is a company that sells matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family–including the dog! If you don’t want to go THAT far, here are some great pajamas to choose from for your children’s, or grandchildren’s, Christmas Eve bedtime, whether they go in a box or not!


How adorable are these? Grinch jammies! [Shame on TARGET For having boys’ Snoopy pajamas, but no matching girls’ set.] (Happily Pajamagram has Snoopy for everyone.]


Boys   Girls  (Long nightgown also available)

Plaid always looks great at Christmas. These are from an online boutique, Best Dressed Child. I’m fairly certain I will be dropping thousands at their shop when I’m a grandmother.



These super-cute personalized brother and sister pajamas are very cute. Who wouldn’t want their name on the p.j.s? Santa could see the names and know he was in the right house! Source.

Hanna Andersson has Star Wars Christmas Jammies for the whole family as well as traditional elf-style, stripes and Nordic prints.

Here’s the budget-friendly DIY way to have no-sew custom p.j.s!


One inexpensive white t-shirt per family member and a few simple CHEAP supplies!



Pillow Cases


Special pillow cases to encourage falling asleep! I’m storing this idea for my future grandchildren. Source


Budget-Friendly No- Sew DIY Pillowcases




You could always make the pillowcase to match the t-shirts or you could use the same procedure but a different design. Otherwise, use an inexpensive pillowcase, cheap fabric paint and left-over ribbon, fabric, buttons, and glue! Make a bib for the baby who can’t yet have a pillow! Or, you can always buy white pillowcases and color them with Sharpies (remember to put THICK cardboard in the middle).





This fun bedding set will remind the kiddos why they need to stay in bed. The comforter is reversible–the other side is just blue with snowflakes. Plaid, again, is always nice for Christmas-time and looks so nice on a bed.


Budget-friendly version

Buy Christmas-themed throws on Black Friday or at a super before Christmas sale! If your office plays stupid Christmas party games try to win one–or  a Christmas pillow! Or, ask Grandma to crochet a Christmas pillow or afghan!


Bedtime Hot Cocoa


Perfect Stirring Tool! Marshmallow, Candy Cane and glittery sugar! (Source Blog is Gone) but they’re just marshmallows!


These beautiful Williams-Sanoma Christmas mugs are really lovely! I have a nephew who collects nutcrackers, though, so these really caught my eye.




Budget-friendly version

Christmas gift mugs from the office or Secret Santa at Church or whereever can get quickly hidden (and hopefully forgotten) to be used in the box next year. OR, Santa mugs from the Dollar Tree are just as much fun. You can usually find these at Thrift Stores and garage sales, too. Or just ask–co-workers maybe glad to pass them on!  Pinterest has countless ways to decorate cheap white mugs. I liked these chalkboard paint mugs best, but the picture isn’t “seasonal.” Go on! Shock me! Click on the link!


Milk and Cookies for Santa


I did this as a kid and my kids did, too. I look forward to this with future grandchildren. There are lots of sets like this on the market, but I thought this was very cute. Source. Many sets also say “Carrots for the reindeer.” We always put these to one side though. I’m pretty sure at least one year, a child of mine put the hose and bucket on the front porch (having been talked out of leaving it on the roof) so the reindeer could have a drink. My brother has horses–the similarities were not lost on my kids!

It doesn’t matter if you use a set like this or just whatever you have. Let little ones dictate the note to Santa–maybe have the bigger kid write it. They can illustrate it, too. Santa loves that. Creativity matters to a guy with a toy factory that employs only elves!

I hope these fun ideas caught your fancy. Whether Christmas is just Santa Claus and gifts or whether it is also Christ’s birth–all of these ideas are just for fun. Enjoy the season.


Budget-Friendly Version

Use your own plate or decorate a paper plate. Santa doesn’t mind as long as it’s bio-degradable.  (You may need to explain this to environmentally sensitive youngsters. Just fyi).



Does your family do the Christmas Eve box? What are you Christmas Eve traditions?

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