Top Five Wednesday: Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore



“Used to love” isn’t quite right. Nor is “but don’t anymore.” Still love ’em, just don’t ‘ship ’em!

Race Bannon


I’m so over Race. Admit it already! It’s been, what, 50 or so years? You know you love only Dr. Quest! Admit it already. There’s no shame. But you were the coolest nanny ever!–no if’s, and’s or, but’s about it. Totally cool. Like having James Bond as a babysitter. What’s that? You were Dr. Quest’s assistant? Yeah baby….groovy. But now you can grow old together–happily. That’s great, right? We’d never have made each other happy. I must say those abs have aged VERY well though. Could I have the name of your personal trainer? And,  Dang! Bandit is getting really old for a dog!  Source



Judge Harry Stone



Ok, he’s not a shirtless Thomas Magnum, but sweet, smart, doofy Harry won my heart way back! When the rest of the world was drooling over Corbin Bersen as Arnie Becker on L.A. Law, I preferred the wacky Night Court judge. But, alas, my phone messages and letters were never answered. A gal can only hold on so long. That flame is long extinguished. But the sweet, goofy memories remain for ever. Source



Bamm-Bamm Rubble



I really shouldn’t have drooled over you back when your teenage self came on Saturday morning tv in ’71. But you drove a dune buggy! And you were cute and liked football. So, what was there not to love? Pebbles. Yep, Pebbly-poo. The ultimate Stone Age cheerleader! She even had the wacky sidekick mandated for all such girls of the era. Oh Bamm-Bamm! What might have been….. I bet these days you and Pebs take the grands out for ice cream and a round of mini-golf. You probably still don’t give your underwear to the dinosaur who does the laundry, but Pebbles has quit caring. Your broad shoulders though… sigh…..  Source



Artemus Gordon


Ir’s true. I came to love you in re-runs. I was much too young for you when you were on the air. But, Artemus! All those times you saved Jim’s bacon! Yeah, he was the snazzy one who got the gals, but you were the brains behind the operation. I like a man who can pull off a cheesy disguise! You did it so well. Alas, my sweet, I discovered I get stage-coach sick. I couldn’t follow you in a stage coach. But, I’ll treasure the memory of you forever. You and Jim had the best opening ever in T.V. history. Source



Lord John Marbury


Put “Lord” or “Sir” in front of a guy’s name and I go gaga. Throw in a real brain and a cocky attitude and….um, could you pull that swooning couch over, please, Leo? Lord John Marbury graced Jeb Bartlet’s oval office with his presence as British Ambassador in exactly five episodes, but his mark on me was permanent. Alas, Lord John was a Tony Blair appointee and Jeb Bartlet was fictional, his West Wing eventually canceled. It was a doomed romance from the start. Source




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Check this post for the one I’ve never gotten over!





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