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The Rosie Effect: Pregnancy and Rock Stars with a fun side of overthinking!


If, like me, you loved The Rosie Project, then you are in luck! Author Graeme Simson’s sequel is almost as much fun. I say almost only because in book one we became accustomed to Don’s famous quirks. Happily, the quirky wonderfulness that is Don continues as the newly married couple jets off to a few years in New York where Rosie will attend medical school and Don will teach and do research. But then, without mentioning it to Don, Rosie gives up her birth control pills and…well, you can guess the obvious result.

Don needs time to adjust to everything. Rosie, still reeling from the big search in book one, needs to follow the pattern of her childhood. Then Gene shows up, baseball Dave’s wife is pregnant and there’s a Charlie Watts/Mick Jagger/Ronnie Wood/Keith Richards-ish drummer with his beer cellar as their new landlord. Oh, did I mention Lydia and the blue fin tuna episode? They’re all in there, too.

While this outing of the Don Tillman brigade is not a s sweet as the first, it shows clearly how that sweet, wonderful, first blush of love fades a bit, it is never completely lost. Personally, I hope there will be a book three. The Rosie Effect.

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