Top Ten Tuesday: Movies I Love


I decided to skip the obvious one–Gone With the Wind.  I did a whole week of posts on Cary Grant a while back  in which I discussed 4 of his movies. so I excluded all of his fabulous comedies, too. There are not in any way a complete list, nor are they “My 10 Favorites in order.” Just 10 movies I love.


Here then is  a selection–as broad as possible–of my favorite movies.



All of these are available on Amazon–most can be rented and streamed there as well.



Join the fun of Top Ten Thursdayread the rules here at The Broke and the Bookish.



Ok–a favorite moment from Gone With the Wind

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Movies I Love

  1. I’ve only seen Mamma Mia and Steel Magnolias from this list — must see more! Did Me Before You just come out this year? If so, I think daughter #1 saw it and did not like it! Said it was really depressing!


    1. It’s sad, but good. I loved the book and really liked the movie–fine shade of difference there. In Which We Serve is based on Lord Mountbatten’s ship–funny today to see obviously gay Noel Coward try to play a happily married straight man! Shooting Party is very Downton. Sabrina–lovely, even the newer version isn’t bad. Auntie Mame–so fun! Casino Royale you probably wouldn’t like–raunchy but funny. Wind and Lion–best Teddy Roosevelt portrayal ever by Brian Keith. Lion in Winter is slow, but worth it. Just a few movies I love–not my All time top 10.


  2. What fun! I absolutely love GWTW too, but didn’t include it on my list this week, and I really should have. Ah, Lion in Winter! I love that movie, and haven’t thought about it in years. It feels like almost a privilege to get to watch Katherine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in that movie — they just go all out and it’s amazing.

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