Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Publishers


Hard topic because I pay no attention to what company published the book I’m reading or to which I am listening. So, instead, I’m showing two publishers who create beautiful books–not books they originally published, though.

Tiny Owl Children’s Books


When I Coloured the World

Tiny Owl Children’s Book Publishers describes itself this way: “Tiny Owl is an independent publishing company, committed to produce beautiful quality books for children. Our books are visually intriguing, culturally diverse, and conceptually meaningful. Our goal at Tiny Owl is to introduce the cream of the crop of global children’s literature, contemporary and old, to the English speaking audience.”

I love their diverse collection of stories–all with amazingly vivid illustrations.

Persephone Books

According to the company’s website, “Persephone Books reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century women writers.” They do so beautifully, I should add. Source

Here’s one I own:

See what I mean about beautiful? Here’s their website and their titles list.


They also produce a very natty annual planner (diary in Brit speak) with all sorts of delicious extras including: “…the first sentence of every book, and details of each endpaper” Sadly, it is recommended for desk use and not for slinging into a cross-body bag. Makes a brilliant Christmas gift for an independent woman of taste and literary leanings.

The Folio Society

Amazing aren’t they? The Folio Society produces these beautiful volumes. Classics and contemporaries both populate their list of titles. All are beautiful. Children’s books, science writing, travel literature, history, poetry–you name it, they publish it in beautiful volumes. Here are links to the titles shown:

Letters to Vicky [Queen Victoria’s letters to her eldest child, the Princess Royal, mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II]

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle

Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Therox

Casino Royale  by Ian Fleming (the first James Bond book)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

The Folio Society also has the limited edition books of such beauty…..alas, the price is on par with the beauty!

Penguin Hardbound Classics


Lovely, aren’t they? Jane Austen would approve of her turned out so nicely, I’m sure. Penguin’s Hardcover Classics also has the Brontes and Charles Dickens in such nice editions.

Juniper Books


Who wouldn’t want to devour the works of Henry James or John Steinbeck when the are so amazingly packaged! They also have Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou (below), Harry Potter (Entire set comes in that cool trunk),(below), and current titles like the entire Outlander series or all of Game of Thrones. As such sets go, they’re fairly reasonable in price. For certain sets you can buy the jackets alone and remake the hardbounds you’ve already got! Juniper Books Titles list

Links to Titles Shown:

Harry Potter Trunk Set

Henry James

Hunger Games

John Steinbeck

Maya Angelou




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