Handmade Christmas: Stocking Stuffers Part I: Mostly Grown-Up Stuff


My kids still, at 21 and 22, look forward to their stockings and the cool little stuff I find for them. I bought beautiful, customized stockings, but not much of anything fits in them. So they usually just find their pile of stocking-stuffers on the fireplace hearth! Here are some great, easy-to-make stocking stuffers for all ages.

Drink cozies, bottle holders

Don’t see one you like? Don’t worry! Pinterst has zillions of these!!

Mug Coozie (felt)

Stroller Snap-On Cup Holder

Animal Water Bottle Holder

Crochet cross-body strap bottle holder

Cup band with tea bag holderCup band with tea bag holder

Tea Toters

 French Press Cozy (knit)

Mug Coozie (crochet)

Cup Band (crochet)

Cloth Java Jacket

New Sew Duck Tape Coffee Sleeve

Scrap Yarn Bottle holder

Paracord Bottle Holder

Electronics accessories

Multi-color Phone sweater

Cord Keeper from Scraps

Quilted laptop sleeve

Charger Pocket

Charger Cord Theft/Id

Two-tone phone sweater

Tangle-free headphones

Earbud Case

Travel Cord Organizer

For Readers, Journal-ers and Planner-addicts

 Book Sweater (knit)

Photo/Shape bookmarks

Bookmark discs

Elastic Band Bookmark

Photo Booth Bookmark

 Notebook Paper Book Cover (crochet)

Book Sweater with handle (crochet)

Scrabble Bookmarks/Ornaments

 Journal Band Pen Holder (knit)

Journal Pen Holder (crochet)

Cloth boookmarks

Fancy Ribbon Bookmarks



Paracord Keychains

I will have more gifts to make next week including great toys to make–many requiring no real crafting skills!

Even Wilma and Betty on the Flintstones liked to make gifts!

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