Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Freebie


10 Holiday Essentials at My House


The Bishop’s Wife    Christmas With the Kranks (Or the book Skipping Christmas) A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Garfield Christmas –among many others.



This book was my paternal grandmothers and is signed by her father. The story, Christmas in the Mousehole is my personal reading tradition. My Dad read it to me each year. I still love it. I love the simple Christmas it presents and love the memory of my Dad in the re-reading.




Handle’s Messiah is a must–but, ironically, I’ve never gone to hear it live!  I have Christmas music on in my office all day. My office does special live Christmas music where a very talented staff member sings and plays and students join him or replace him when he is needed elsewhere. It’s wonderful.



One contemporary Christmas collection I’ve been loving already this year is the complete GLEE Christmas treasury. I especially love the haunting Island of Misfit Toys. We loved the show at my house (though we had to binge watch it on dvd from the library).



I must play this relentlessly. It reminds me of my maternal grandparents who loved his show and drank Old Fashions, letting the 3 grandkids have the booze-soaked fruit! This was made cooler by my grandfather’s habit of pocketing the swizzle sticks from his airline drinks. We loved those things.





This desert IS Christmas to my family. Since 1978 we’ve not varied the choice, though my Mom has changed the booze in it. Today it is made with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Here’s the recipe.




Source note: Possibly Williams Sonoma, but Pinterset link here.


Plaid is my signature color. Plaid, or tartan if you  wish, though there is a difference, is my Christmas color scheme–if I had one, that is. My Christmas decorations are pretty sad any more. I’d hoped to replace a lot this year, but life got in the way. Meanwhile, feast on this GORGEOUS Christmas tablescape by blogger Everyday Living. So much to love here! The plaid on the table, the red walls, the cute plates and adorable place card holders–everything! Sadly, my little eat-in kitchen can’t hold all that. But, soon, I’ll post my tablescape. It is a debut this year.


Source: Everyday Living

 I love all the amazing details here. Click the source link above to see all the amazing views of this fabulous holiday table.



 What’s on your holiday freebie list? Do you enjoy lists like this? Join the fun at Top 10 Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Freebie

  1. I LOVE Christmas music and enjoyed your picks! I love the Messiah too — not sure I’ve ever seen/heard it live either, but boy did I ever experience parts of it over and over and over, playing for music students at IU! I can still hear poor guys trying that “… and I will shaaaaaaake ….” part. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HISa7oGmJo)
    On Christmas decor, it’s odd — pretty much all mine is my stuff from childhood. It kind of amazes me when people buy new Christmas decorations each year, but I know many do. I too love tartan plaid and that table setting is beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My decorations mostly came from the Dollar Store and most are in sad, sad shape. I just need to “freshen” things a bit. My grandmother used the same Christmas wreath for 50 years! I’ve used the same wreath (I sewed it if you can believe that–one of those panels you cut out and sew) in about 1985 and do still love it. I can just imagine the Messiah in practice!


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