Advent Calendars Past and Present

In days past

All of these were found on Etsy and Ebay

Growing up in the 1960’s and early 1970’s we always had this type of an Advent Calendar. It was always sent by my Great-Aunt who worked in a stationary and card shop in Chicago. I remember being very excited to open the little doors. My older brother was very good [well bribed] to play along and be nice even when he’d outgrown the excitement. To his great credit, I never suspected he that he might not have been as excited as I was.

Village  Charlie Brown

Santa  Nativity

I still love this sort of calendar and happily they are still with us (see photos above). My kids were given a nice cloth one by a dear friend, so we’ve always used it. I like that neither of these involves an extra present. My children, as I’ve said before, took turns moving the candy cane day marker. One child did that and the other chose from our box a slip of paper with our evening’s activity, book, movie or special Christmas game. Never once can I recall an argument over whose turn it was to do which! They enjoyed it so much.  If you’d like to do this just wrap up an empty Kleenex box and put in slips to draw–you can write your own, or here are some you can print.There are also games you can print, like Christmas Song Pictionary Cards  or there are dozens of printable Christmas matching card games or Christmas or Christmas Movie bingo cards to print (Google it so you can find one appropriate to your children’s ages. Have a small treat as a prize if you like. Don’t over do the prizes! The game is the treat.


Times have changed though. Now the big thing is to have a toy advent calendar like those shown above. I really don’t understand how faux-Frozen or TMNT relate to Christmas though. But then, as much as I love the Chicago Cubs or I.U. I can’t see having a Christmas ornament with their logo–I guess that would be the grown-up equivalent. And, while there are really nice Nativity play sets for little children, not one was an Advent Calendar! Dis-connect here! Still, the little kiddos in my extended family are enjoying this type this year.

Little People   Playmobil



Traditional style wooden set


Here’s  a cute pop-up Advent Calendar of The Night Before Christmas

Finally, there’s an APP now! An Advent Calendar app–and other Christmas apps! Here’s a news story on them with links.


It’s not too late–you can start where ever you are on the calendar and open two doors (or equivalent) per day for a while. Give you children this joy–or just enjoy it yourself or with your spouse.Here’s the one I wish I’d seen and ordered.

Tomorrow an Advent Calendar all of Books–with my book titles listed!


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