12 Books of Christmas: Number 9: The Christmas Train


David Baldacci is known mostly for his best selling thrillers. I’ve found he’s sneaked in two other books that are so delightful I know I’ll re-read them both. Wish You Well was a town read years ago at a small library near Indianapolis that I enjoyed visiting often. It has since become a movie that I hope to watch soon..  The Christmas Train, is  on the verge of being a modern holiday classic–if it hasn’t already been declared so and I missed the announcement (typical).

An incident of air-rage has cost writer Tom Langdon the privilege of flying so he takes the train back to California. He’s also hoping to find a colorful story or two to sell to magazines. Along the way he meets some interesting folks, as you’d expect. But he also has to reevaluate much about his life, his loves and his purpose.

Another reviewer mentioned the audio of this book as great for a family Christmas car trip. I think it would be fine for most families with kids junior high age and older–and many families would not object to younger children listening as well. As always, if in doubt, pre-read to match items with your own family’s standards.

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