Christmas book written just for me! The 12 Books of Christmas: No 7 A Cornish Christmas

“Sometimes, on your way to one dream, you find a new one, a better one.”



A back-to-the-land Old Etonian, his children’s book illustrator wife now call Cornall their home. As Stuart creates exotic jams from the turnips and cabbages he grows in his plastic sheeting greenhouse (aka the poly-tunnel), Ivy draws the illustrations for the cute Inspector Fudge children’s mystery series.  Their lovable bulldog and secretive cats help make their home cozy.

Did I mention Stuart’s sister is an award-winning biographer, currently working on Cornwall’s own Daphne Du Maurier? Or that this sister once used seemingly my own words by confiding that she “regretted her popularity [as a writer] because it often meant that she spent far less time doing what she loved–which was research” (p. 94). Now, I ask you? Can you get more ME than that? I could move right in to the amazing study she calls her office. But, she’s a minor character.

Having given up London and the rat-race for a simpler life in Cornwall, Stuart and Ivy’s big goal has at last been achieved they are about to become parents–finally. But the mother-in-law-  from-somewhere-not-heaven makes a comment that nearly draws blood. All while Ivy’s longing for her late mother to share all her joy has come to an interesting crossroads.

There’s a dash of pixies or a pinch or fairies or maybe just a touch of whimsy that makes this book the exact right book at the exact moment I needed it this holiday season.Here’s yet another reason why:

Love should feel good….when you have love it should only ever enhance your life, it should never detract from it….love really should just feel good; sure you can have your bad patches, and those should be worked on, but for the most part love should feel right. If it doesn’t there’s a problem (p. 101-102).

I have not read anything by this author before, but her work reminds me of a British version Sarah Addison Allen. And, that, to me is a very good thing! I look forward to more delightful books from author Lily Graham.

A Cornish Christmas by Lily Graham

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