Season’s Greading ;) Tag

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Thanks to AbbieLu at Cafe Book Bean
for the idea!

Won’t you play along? Post your list!

Favorite book/s to [re-]read during the Holiday season?

It’s a tie!

….and these are just the grown-up books.



Here are the all-age books….a tie again.

See this post for an explanation.


The Christmas Cat by Tasha Tudor


Tell us your best Christmas memory?

 My kids’ first Christmas!


Favorite fictional winter wonderland?


Love the reindeer

Santa Claus the Movie


 Snow Man or Snow Angel?




Cary Grant

 see below

What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

 bishopsThe Bishop’s Wife

If you could spend the Holidays anywhere (fiction or non-fiction,) where would you go?


mistletoeWherever the mistletoe is…..[see below]


To my fictional Amberleigh–or, since that’s where Christmas will be, at Shellborne. I’d love to spend a holiday with MY families.

Who would you like to meet under the mistletoe?

Any of these men.… hey, it’s a kiss under the mistletoe with an over-the-hill librarian…whose wife would be upset by that??

 Mark, Simon, Pierce,  Sam, Sean, Tom, George, Jeremy or Craig.



What is your favorite hot holiday drink?


I stopped buying them cold turkey last year and haven’t had one since, but if I was driving on Christmas day and found a McDonald’s open……


What author from any time would you like to have a cup with?


 Sir Winston Churchill

Yes the Prime Minister–not the American novelist of the same name.

Hence the SIR being specified.

What book are you hoping Santa will bring you?



Defying the Nazis: The Sharp’s War

See this post for more information

Want to play along?

Post your list and give me a link–and one to Thanks to AbbieLu at Cafe Book Bean


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