12 Books of Christmas: Numbers 5 and 5.5 Christmas in Harmony



When it comes to heartwarming series fiction, Philip Gulley’s Harmony is right up there with Jan Karon’s Mitford in my affections. While Mitford’s Father Tim is an Episcopalian priest, Harmony’s Pastor Sam is a Quaker. His long-suffering wife, like many another small church pastor’s wife, has had her share of necessities relabeled as Christmas gifts. In Christmas in Harmony Sam is guilt plagued by the thought that a four-slot toaster is too “extravagant.” So, in the Christmas Scrapbook he sets out to redeem himself as a gift-giving husband by making her a gift from the heart, but as usual, there are consequences. But then what could possibly go wrong for a pastor who must hold his elders’ meetings on the folding table next to the noodle freezer?

Happily, the Christmas Scrapbook is on sale for $1.99 for Kindle right now. It’s barely the length of a novella, so even if you are not familiar with the series, buy it, fix a cup of tea or cocoa, and have a delightful Christmas read today. I know you’ll be hooked on this wonderful series that showcases small town Indiana at its best.

Christmas in Harmony and the Christmas Scrapbook by Philip Gulley.




Also on sale, for $3.99 for Kindle, is Gulley’s newest, A Gathering in Hope, which I will be reviewing in the New Year. Enjoy this follow-up to the Harmony series.

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