Top Five Wednesday: Fictional Items I’d Give Myself for Christmas



Lunch With the Artist: Photographer Robert Kincaid




from Bridges of Madison County. Because, heck yeah I want to meet him! I have since I read the book. And, please, bring the motorcycle, ok guy? Wowser!




Fictional Gift Cards



Gabri’s Bistro in Three Pines


from Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series.–I’m dying to try all of the great food there, but especially the Cauliflower and Stilton Soup with Date and Pear Relish and the Scrambled Eggs with Brie (maybe I’ll finally like eggs?). NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!  On the left is the last book in the series that I’ve read–I don’t want to know that my beloved place goes out of business in book number X, ok? And, could I get a Tim Horton’s double-double coffee on the side? We don’t have Tim Horton’s here (maybe I’d like coffee then?) FYI: I LOVE this series!

Cluck in a Bucket



from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. What’s not to love about Lula’s favorite fried chicken? Heck, all the Trenton food spots sound good. I’d probably give gift cards to all of them!

$500 Gift Card to Marks & Co


from 84 Charing Cross Road. I’d love to shop here! I’d find all sorts of old biographies and leather-bound treasures from country house libraries! And I’d chat with Frank and all the staff about books. In those days $500 would have bought a huge array of superb books, Spy prints, old maps and other great antiquarian book treasures.




Well Animal Visit at Farnon and Associates, Skeldale House, Darrowby, Yorkshire



from the  All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot. Though, to tell the truth, I’d be a little upset that Helen wasn’t really Carol Drinkwater! I always thought Christopher Timothy was a bit wimpy though. And I’d want to smell the Woodbine smoke and see Tristian magically start shaking a bottle of something to show he hadn’t been sleeping. And then I’d want Sigfried to take me out to some great country house to check on a fabulous hunter. But most of all, I’d want James to check out my cat and then we’d all have tea and scones prepared by Mrs. Hall. It’s rare to love both the books and the film/tv version, but oh how I love both of these!


Free hair cut and blow dry at Truvy’s


from Steel Magnolias, as long as I can have some of the house wine of the South and take a wack at Ouiser! There is no such thing as natural beauty and time IS marching across my face. No one has ever been able to make MY hair poofy, but I bet Truvy or Annelle could! For one day at least, I could have lovely hair!

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