A few more grown-up Christmas books

12 Books of Christmas concludes, with one extra!

Hopewell's Public Library of Life

Earlier I posted a list of humorous Christmas books for grown-ups. This time I’m looking at slightly more serious ones.

Hired man

This little book packs a whole lot of great story in a small package. A little bit mysterious, a little bit coming-of-age story, this is a story to restore some faith in men and the value of hard work as well as in the love of Christmastime. The Hired Man’s Christmas by George Givens.


David Baldacci is not know for “sweet,” but this book has a way of turning your heart to sweeter thoughts. A train trip that can restore a little Goodwill to Men? Not in my experience! Travel, romance, and faith in humanity all in the same book? It takes as skilled a storyteller as Baldacci to pull it off. You won’t regret the time spent enjoying this one! The Christmas Train by David Baldacci


I don’t normally…

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