Six Degrees of Separation


I saw this on Falconer’s Library. Everyone starts with the same book title, then leads thru whatever thoughts, memories, etc. to six books. Apparently it originates with Kate at Books Are My Favorite And Best.  Or maybe it started with Annabel Smith on her blog? So, today, I’m giving this a try. We’ll see where my odd brain leads us in terms of books.

First of all, I haven’t read Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, though I am familiar with it and the  rest of Stieg Larsson’s series.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo makes me think of a song in Camelot:

I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?

You mean that a king who fought a dragon,
Whack'd him in two and fixed his wagon,
Goes to be wed in terror and distress?

So that leads me to …


…T.H. White’s magnificent  The Once and Future King. Because, obviously, dragon whacking was big back then. Merlin, I’m sure, had Wart practice daily–like soccer drills at practice today.

This leads me to……


…a best selling recent book that is two books in one–a story of girl who gets into old-school hawking like Merlin would have taught and a biography of T.H. White himself. H is For Hawk by Helen Macdonald

Which leads me to ….


…Maurice by E.M. Forester, but really more the 1987 movie version–I could hear White talking like them, see him dressed like them, as I read H is for Hawk.I also imagined the public school old boy falconers were really some of the college Dons and similar in Maurice.

This, in turn, leads me to …


…the French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles for the simple reason that I always think Jeremy Irons was in Maurice but it’s Hugh Grant. And Jeremy Irons came to my attention in the Pallisers on P.B.S. and with Meryl Streep in the movie version of French Lieutenant’s Woman. I read the book in college and loved it. Then I saw the movie and, well, didn’t like it as well- except for Jeremy Irons who has been part of my inner life ever since. That voice…..

[Don’t even try to work out the logic….]

Which brought to mind…..


….my favorite Tracy Chevalier book, Remarkable Creatures both because it is also set in Lyme Regis and because I confuse the title with Jeremy Iron’s movie Beautiful Creatures.

Which leads me to a funny story about George V who recovered from a life-threatening illness in the lat 1920’s at Bognor. The town decided to immortalize its role in the King’s recovery by renaming itself “Bognor Regis.” When Lord Stanfordham, the King’s private secretary, told the king this he replied, supposedly, “Bugger Bognor.”

Now back to six degrees of separation….

So Remarkable Creatures leads me to….

…my must-read book of 2017–about an animal who likely will become a fossil


You can read more about The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating in my Must-Read Book of 2017 post.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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