Dear Queen Elizabeth, it is time….


Photo: Getty Images I believe. I will happily give correct credit if that is not the case.

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

You are the pride of your nation and Commonwealth. The World admires you and your dedication to duty. Even the Pope retired due to his age, but you have carried on doing what you do so well. As Prince Harry famously said, “Who tops a President [of the United States]? Granny.” That’s you. Sweet George’s Gan-Gan.

I was not a fan of your late ex-daughter-in-law. I got tired of her self-serving publicity and her “love me, love me” life. I’ll be flamed for that, don’t worry. But one thing I do think is tarnishing your otherwise outstanding record as Queen: the pettiness of taking away the H.R.H. distinction for the mother of the future king.  20 years is long enough.

Before you die–and I hope that’s not for another decade, please give Diana back her distinction as an H.R.H. And, order a sarcophagus for the Royal Mausoleum for her to be buried in. That Island her brother buried her on is a disgrace. Let her lie for eternity with her sons, who I assume, will be buried at Windsor.  This is a goodwill gesture that is much better than that silly speech you had to make after her death.  You are known as a Christian–not only because you have the title Defender of the Faith, but because of your very real belief. Forgiveness is at the heart of that faith. You forgave Charles and allowed him to marry the woman he really loved. Now forgive Diana and give her back her title and let her rest in peace with her sons.

I have admired you all my life. I admire what you and Prince Philip stand for as members of the Greatest Generation. But this is a wrong that should be righted. No vapid “Kindness Day,” no dysfunctional fountain, just give her back her title and a proper resting place.


Lisa of Hopewell


2 thoughts on “Dear Queen Elizabeth, it is time….

  1. sjbraun

    I agree totally! Really well-stated; I wish HM could actually read this. The only thing I wonder is whether the Queen could actually bury Diana someplace else. Is her brother the “official” owner of the body???


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