What Caught My Eye This Week: Some different types of things this week

Cool Books


Believe me, if I could I would have a giveaway for a set of these beauties!! Imagine how fabulous these will look on your nightstand or bookcase! Love, love, love Vintage Books special collections. Here’s the link to see them up close.

Great Reading Challenge Idea




[Sorry kids, couldn’t find one with Mr. Trump in it. Too soon. I’m not making any kind of a statement by leaving him out, ok?]

On Inauguration Day last week I posted some great Presidential books. This week, Book Riot had a great post on a Presidential Biographies Challenge (of sorts). Well, I’ve read just about everything published (honestly) on the Roosevelts and a good bit on the Kennedys, so I started my own version of this challenge. Mine includes fiction and non-fiction, collective biographies and first lady or first family bios or memoirs. It’s all in a spreadsheet to add to the geeky-librarian-historian-goodness of it all!  I’ll post it when I’m done. Fun idea.

Romantic Table For Two


I love this  romantic, fireside tablescape from Belle Bleu Interiors blog.Click on the link to see all the sweet details. Leave her a nice comment while you’re there–it’s what keeps us all blogging.

Great Sandals


If you haven’t discovered Red Dress Boutique yet, you should! No, I’m not paid to say that! I just love a lot of their stuff. Like these sandals. Never mind that it snowed this morning–I want these! Fun Red Sandals just like in my childhood memories post on Red Shoes—NOT! These are Instant Getaway Red Sandals, so there!



What a Guy Needs….to Stay Organized


My son desperately needs this. Source

Soothing waves



Great new blog, Beach Books, I discovered this week while surfing the Discover function on WordPress. I find marvelous stuff that way! She is collection books of the sea and oceans. Its a fine blog–go and have a read and leave her an encouraging comment and a recommendation or two. She’s hoping to write a book and to open a bookstore–good news to everyone who reads here–and there.

What Caught Your Eye This Week? Leave me a link or a comment!

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