Six Degrees of Separation: Fates and Furies


Six Degrees of Separation is a fun way to link books together, and then to link bloggers together. The first Saturday of the month a new book title is announced and everyone develops and posts their chain of books. This is my second time doing this. You can read last month’s 6 Degrees post here.


February’s Book


Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff .

My Review

After all the hyper-hype on this book, I felt like I’d read it before I began (not the author’s fault). Due to the over-hyper I can’t really. I listened to the audio version and found it slightly exhausting. I felt sorry for the wife, but then, too, I felt sympathy for the husband. I always tell myself “there’s two sides to every story” and never is this more true than with a marriage. I loved hearing both sides, but wish I’d read it in the print version. I look forward to more of Lauren Groff’s writing. Highly recommended.


My Chain and the 6 Degrees of Separation



Fates and Furies first brought to mind the last Chief Inspector Gamache novel I listened to. Peter and Clara’s story line was also about how we hurt or protect each other in marriage.

Then it brought me to A Beautiful Mind (again–I just mentioned it in another post recently) and how mental illness impacts any relationship–let alone a marriage.

Next it brought up the stories of Mr. Bridge and Mrs. Bridge. I’ve always meant to read the books, but I count the movie as a tour de force for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Then I thought how things aren’t always what they seem in a marriage and recalled The Headmaster’s Wife and the fabulous Portrait of a Marriage.

Finally I recalled Madeline L’Engle’s superb Crosswicks books. Superb to the reader, but apparently thought of as fictional in places, if not total fiction, by her children. The book on her marriage, to actor Hugh Franklin is the Two-Part Invention.

No one really knows a marriage but the two in it.

What about you? Where does Fates a2nd Furies lead you? And, yes you can join in and play even if you haven’t read it. #6Degrees




2 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation: Fates and Furies

  1. Thanks for joining in again!

    Was interested to read your thoughts on Fates & Furies – I haven’t read it yet but have it in the TBR stack. I do think some books are better suited to hard copy than audio although, being fairly new to audiobooks, I’m still not great at distinguishing those before I start reading/listening.


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