Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them


More of Their Home Life



What’s not to like about a man who almost always refers to his wife with respect as Madame Gamache? And, get this! She’s a librarian! More please of Madame and her husband. Their exchanges are glittering. Their home life so like I imagined mine would be long-ago when I thought of being married, before reality crept in. And, Monk! No spoilers for those who haven’t read these. But every stage of his home life is fascinating. More, please!

More of the Story–i.e. a Sequel



These are just three of the books I’d like sequels to–I wrote an entire Top Ten Tuesday post on this topic–click here to read it.

I so want Hilary McKay to write the “grown up” story of the Casson’s marriage. Darling Bill has such a fascinating life. Eve is so patient. I want to know this marriage from both sides! I want this so badly I’ve sent her a direct Twitter message to beg!


More Food–as in real recipes!



The food page for the Chief Inspector Gamache series is really sad. Gabri’s food is so amazing–as is Madame’s. I want to taste it. Where for instance is that cauliflower and Stilton soup with date and pear relish?? And that wedding cake in City Baker’s Guide! Bring it on, baby! I want real recipes!


Sorry, I couldn’t come up with the full 10 today!


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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them

    1. The City Baker obviously has apple pies with different combinations of apples, the wedding cake and others. In the Gamache series the focus is not on food, it just gets mentioned here and there because of Gabri owning the bistro or Madame cooking or someone eating out somewhere wonderful.

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  1. City Baker’s Guide sounds like a complete delight. I love foodie fiction novels and I’m always wishing that those types of stories included recipes!

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