Reading Across the USA: Florida



As Hot As It Is You Ought To Thank Me came to mind the minute I stepped out of the AC and onto the back porch this morning. I wilted just taking the few steps over to the car!

Nanci Kincaid’s book tells the story of an lackluster parenting, small town living, an unlikely friend for a 13-year old girl and HEAT. Soul-sucking, swampy, Florida heat in a neighborhood with no air conditioning. The star of the book, 13 year old Berry, is in that time between tomboy-hood and woman-hood. The heat prickles, her parents and brothers rankle and then the chain gang arrives…

Pick this one up–it’s well worth it. You’ll want to pour yourself a quart jar of iced tea first. It won’t disappoint. Don’t be surprised though if you find yourself sweating profusely even with the AC on full blast. The setting is just that vivid.

As Hot As It Is You Ought To Thank Me by Nanci Kincaid.

This post was originally published July 25, 2016 under a different title.

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