Top Five Wednesday: Non-Written Novels


This week’s topic can be summed us as “it’s complicated.” Or is it?

Favorite Non-Written Novels
–This was a hard topic to name, but this is about all books that are not ‘written’ novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms. 

Here’s my attempt at this topic. I failed. But so what, right? It’s fun….


Book I gave back in print but had it become an all-time favorite when I listened to it.


The audio just plain made it come alive. I’ve written before about liking some books only in audio (No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, 44 Scotland Street–both by Alexander McCall Smith) and hating change in readers (i.e. Stephanie Plum series). I just plain adore this book now that I’ve listened to it. It is superb! Not to be missed.

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand: A Novel by Helen Simonson

All Animal Re-Telling


Because Matthew just WAS a tabby and Mary a Siamese (only I don’t think that was this book’s take on them). Carson and Robert would, of course, be big puffy Tom Cats with well-groomed tails. Edith would suffer hairballs. Well, you get the picture.

Downton Tabby by Chris Kelly

So could have been a novel, but isn’t


Free at last, free at last…childless. Do people REALLY need help coping with this? This is a fun read regardless.

Fun Without Dick and Jane:  Your Guide to the Delightfully Empty Nest by Christine Mellor

Word Fun Books–Madlibs, Adult Versions


This one has a special place in my heart. I’m sure you’ll love it too. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day etc.

Adult Madlibs: My Bleeping Family Mad Libs

DIY Books–Frugal Family Edition


Where I live we say “Deer–it’s what’s for dinner.” They can be had nightly as they run across the road in front of our headlights. It’s best to drive something like Hummer–then you win free meat and can still drive it home.

But Wait! There’s More!!!

Call now and receive, as a bonus–at no extra cost to you….. PAPER DOLLS!


Yes, you can be perfect at every royal event because you will BE Kate! Glamorous, with the worlds most luxurious hair–you’ll be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect….royal! Just fun–I like Catherine.  If you like the royal family check out my Royal Family posts–click on Royal Family in the word cloud in the right sidebar.

Kate paper dolls

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It’s a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Non-Written Novels

  1. This is a fun post. I am glad you enjoyed Pettigrew on audio. SOme books work better in audio and some better in print. I recently read The improbability of love and I was sure it won’t work in audio. Some who heard it in audio said the same. It is funny that some formats work best for different books


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