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Top 10 Tuesday: Ten Books I Liked More or Less Than Other People


Topic:Ten Books I Loved Less/More Than I Thought I Would (recently or all time) — or you could do something like books I liked more/less than everyone else.

Books I Liked LESS


I do not understand the women who rave about this idiotic book. Heroin is cool? Sex with strangers? Honestly??? I threw it back and  won’t even link to it any more.


Too many modern characters. I threw it back.

italian wife.jpg

Not only does a man “unzip” his trousers before there were zippers in trousers, but we are then treated to a description of his erstwhile member. ICK. I loved Ann Hood until this dog. But I will give her next book a try.


Cause this cover just says “incest” to no one ever…… UGH.


Two evenings of my life I’ll never get back.  And a two-hour retreat discussion that didn’t even make it to my performance review!! I stayed awake. I contributed politely. That deserved a mention.


From my most popular Review: “ Gave up on this mess of a book–didn’t finish it. Chapter 1 reads like she watched the movie the “Right Stuff” and that’s about it. It is written in that trendy, annoying new, “sassy”/hip/disrespectful tone that is starting to ruin non-fiction reading. Like aging Valley Girl does Master’s thesis. …The women themselves ARE interesting, just the style of writing that grates. Astro-everything is really wearing me down. The story itself IS interesting. But it’s like Jr. High School history with a hip teacher who practices his stand-up routine. Enough with the glib-non-humor and just TELL THE DAMN STORY already. Sadly the tone continues and the “depth” is sadly lacking…



There were some parts of this one that I liked. I got tired of the fly-over mentality about the Midwest, the Southern accents in freakin’ IOWA, the constant screed against Christians and religion, the ridiculous idea of being shocked that people in IOWA, not Manhattan drive cars everywhere….oiy, I could go on and on. Another of my most popular reviews. But, I’d be very willing to give this author another try–there were good things in here. I gave it 2 stars.


I gave this turkey 3 stars because, let’s be honest, he can really write and deserves every award he’s won. I was just so not into this story. It was depressing. It was weird. It just wasn’t for me at all.

Books I Liked MORE


I found the crass, superior way in which Will walked away from the girl was just so typical of his true “type.” I liked it. No, it wasn’t Me Before You –that was too sweet and wonderful. But this was a good book.  After You.


I really, really liked this one. But then, I haven’t finished the Harry Potter books, don’t know which Hogwarts House I belong too and don’t have the Quiddich World Cup on my Bucket List (It’s fine if you do–I do love the early HP books, just couldn’t get thru the last ones). This shows that JK Rowling can think about something other than wizards and muggles. The movie was even “ok.” Book was better–of course. The Casual Vacancy

You can read about a  few more books I liked or disliked more than others here.

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Ten Books I Liked More or Less Than Other People

  1. Interesting! Many times my opinion also differs from the majority — there’s nothing like heading to GR after reading a book you would rate a 5 and seeing a bunch of 1 and 2 star reviews — or vice versa. I haven’t read any of these, I don’t think, so I can’t compare — but I enjoyed your takes on them, as always 🙂 Oh, the “Astrid” cover made me think it was an Anne Voskamp book — she’s an example of an author many love who I just can’t deal with.

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  2. I have mixed feelings about Wild – I thought it read like a novel, which was good, but I had so many issues with Strayed and the decisions she made and how she treated her husband and marriage so poorly. I was also expecting a big ending, some important life lessons, but got zilch.

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  3. I really liked Casual Vacancy, it was so different for her. I thought it was moving and dark but also funny at times. I also love her mystery series, so I guess I’ve liked everything by her so far. I’ll disagree with you on Wild, but it’s certainly not for everyone. I guess I appreciated her honesty and I admire people who are willing to push themselves the way she did.


  4. I really like One Thousand White Women, but read is years and years ago! I could be remembering ti wrong. Totally agree with you on The Shack. Ugh!


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