Friday Faves: My World Right Now


What’s Making Me Giggle


I stood at the display in the public library reading this and laughing. I keep thinking of it and giggling all week. I’ll never look at some of the iconic Little Golden Books the same, ever again!  Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book by  Diane Muldrow



Which Brings to Mind My Favorite Little Golden Book

No surprise that it’s a kitty book! I loved that it had real people–photos, not drawings. I still have it in a box somewhere. My kids couldn’t relate to the little girl–her clothes were “too old-fashioned” ouch! But they DID know the kittens by name and, like me, probably still do. I’m glad we all loved it and look forward to sharing it, someday, with a third generation.

What I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

A rare day out with old friends who live a few hours away! Cincinnati’s favorite pizza provides a place about half-way for each of us and  is just an excuse to sit and talk and laugh. They love traditional pizza (I do, too) with sausage, peppers, onions and extra cheese. I love La Rosa’s thin flatbread Florentine pizza! It’s all good though–all of their pizza is great! Check out the menu. When we all get together, ice cream is usually involved as well, but we’ll have to see what’s available at the location where we are meeting. Cincinnati is blessed to have Greater’s Ice Cream though. But we’re meeting near the city, not in it.

New Food Obsession


These Steakhouse Tater Tots are GREAT! But what’s even better is the Seasoning Mix for them! You could easily make this healthier with baked, seasoned fries or wedges to go with the dip. The dip is easy to lighten as well. (I cheated and used Ranch Dressing and chopped up some sliced jalapenos from a jar).

Newest Fascination–An Very Unusual Job


The Mall of America is advertising for a Writer in Residence. What a hoot! A top spot for people watching and you’d be paid to do it!  For their 25th Anniversary the Mall is hiring a writer to “live deliberately” and “be immersed” in the life of the mall. NPR Story here. What a hoot! I visited the Mall in  the late 90’s. Camp Snoopy  and the people watching were the coolest parts to me. I’m not much of a shopper.

What were your Faves this week? Leave me a comment or a link–I love to see what people are fixed upon at the moment.


5 thoughts on “Friday Faves: My World Right Now

  1. sjbraun

    Hmm, I wonder what the Mall of America writer could write about?? It seems like huge malls are on the decline. Maybe this is an attempt to remain relevant? I love Golden Books too — and pizza — and tater tot dip. Can you tell I’m hungry? 🙂

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  2. I’ve had that Diane Muldrow book on my wish list at the library for at least two years. I added it based on the cover alone, but never bothered to look at how long it is. I should probably go ahead and check it out; I could probably knock it out in an evening, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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