Review: Heavenly Horse Stories


I’ve posted before about my childhood love of horses! I was fortunate that for most of my childhood we owned or had ready access to horses. So, when I saw this little book come up for review in a professional publication I contribute to, I grabbed it. I wrote the professional review and sent it off. Today I’m offering a personal review.


Rebecca Ondov has a wealth of experience leading trail rides and doing other work with horses. Her newest book, Heavenly Horse Stories, is part memoir, part devotional. Each story has a related scripture and prayer. The stories range from the edge-of-your-seat terrifying fall on her horse Czar to the sweeter story of being out with horses and seeing 22 rainbows in one glance! While this can be read straight thru as a good collection of out West horse stories, I liked it best as a daily devotional. It called to mind all the horses in my life. Heavenly Horse Stories by Rebecca Ondov.


Four Stars

A Few of Rebecca Ondov’s Other Books


Horse Book and Diary for Girls



Links to buy these books (I do not get any money from this!) Great Horse Stories for Girls and My Horse Diary for Girls (Note: Amazon does not seem to carry this–I’ve linked elsewhere)


Illustrated Horse Story Gift Book

Also a lovely gift-edition of other horse stories, beautifully published with paintings of horses.


Photo Source

I can’t think of a single horse lover too jaded about religion to not enjoy this author’s books. If they aren’t into devotions or the Christian faith they will still thoroughly enjoy the first-hand accounts of horses, mules, trail riding, the great American West, outdoor life, and the joy that animals bring to our lives. Below is a video from  the author’s YouTube channel that gives you a little taste of this life.




Do you have a favorite horse book, film or memory? Leave me a comment with your story or a link to your post. I love to hear what others enjoy–especially when it relates to animals.



3 thoughts on “Review: Heavenly Horse Stories

  1. Mules! I love mules! I am a bit horse story reader and I’ve been really impressed by Jane Smiley’s contribution to the genre – while she usually writes one book in each genre she can find, she’s done a series of pony books because, presumably, that’s the way pony books work best, in series. I grew up with the Walter Farley Black Stallion books, the Silver Brumby books, My Friend Flicka and the sequels, and all the British ones, and still love them today.

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