Review: I Almost Forgot You by Terry McMillan


I fell in love with Terry McMillan’s writing with her best-seller Waiting to Exhale and then with How Stella Got Her Groove back. Then life went on. I got into reading mostly non-fiction for a many years. The last 8  years I’ve had 2.5 hours in the car on weekdays so fiction has become a lifeline. This week I became very happily reacquainted with Ms. McMillan’s work thru her newest novel, I Almost Forgot About You.

The Story

Georgia Young, a few minor changes aside, could be me. She’s mid-50s, in a romantic wasteland and bored silly with her perfectly respectable profession as an Optometrist. Her nest is empty, she has delightful, exhausting grandchildren, and a mother who still loves her, nice co-workers, decent neighbors and two long-time close friends. But lately she’s wanted to make some changes. So, she starts by making a list of the men she loved and thinks she’ll look them up on Facebook and tell then Thank You for the part they once played in her happiness. She also decides to sell her house and take a long train journey to think what to do after optometry. If you are saying that’s a really good set-up for a really good novel, you’re right!

What I Loved

I loved the warmth of this book. The love of mothers and daughters and the love that grows between old friends. I loved that nobody got raped or molested or robbed. I even loved the swearing and the sex talk because it was totally natural–it occurred either in Georgia’s own thoughts or with her oldest friends since college. Maybe your friends don’t cuss, and that’s ok, but some people do. This was just natural.

What I Didn’t Like

In truth–not much. I loved the story. But could they have included the recipe for those take out Salt and Pepper Prawns or for Georgia’s stuffed avocados?

I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan.

Now all rise for the Shoop-shoop song (i.e. Exhale)–this book made me want to  re-read and re-watch Waiting to Exhale–her biggest seller.


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