Sequel, please!


My Review from July 2015: I’ve always been drawn to the stories of the World War II “war brides.” [Well], I devoured Ship of Brides by JoJo Moyers—a novel she wrote before Me Before You fame hit. The layers of this story were amazing. Not just the tale of how each bride came to be on the ship, but much more than that—how she became who she “is” on that ship. The story is there too of the ship’s Captain, of a Marine and of others.

Since July 2015, I keep coming back to the main characters and wishing the author would write a sequel telling of their lives adjusting back home in peacetime, but even stricter rationing and all. I’d love to think the Captain finds romance. I wonder if the Marine had PTSD? How did the a few new characters–wives we didn’t hear about i the first book get on after arriving in the UK? There’s a story here waiting to be told! Ship of Brides by JoJo Moyes is currently $1.99 for Kindle.



High Court Judge Fiona Maye deserves her own series. I loved her. Nothing quirky or silly, just a solid legal mind and compelling personal life as a well-heeled, well-educated woman in a great city. Midsommer Murders meets Rumpole of the Bailey  meets Silk, but with Kirsten Scott Thomas as be-wigged and be-gowned Fiona and Jeremy Irons as her rat baggish-midlife crisis-suffering husband–lots of potential here. And women of a certain age want to see women of a certain age still strong, still in their careers, still being taken seriously and still doing serious stuff. And they like to listen to Jeremy Irons voice….. And, if they even got shown tumbling into bed in a moment of unintended reunion–well! Score one for those of us of a certain age! Still sexy is a big deal. Plus she’d get to dress great, lunch at the House of Commons, holiday in Tuscany and cool stuff like that to add interest.Are you listening @ITV or @BBC?  The Children Act by Ian McEwan.


Do you have a favorite book you’d like to see earn a sequel–or become a series either of books or on tv? Leave me a comment or link to your own post.




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