Reading Bingo!


My photo of the News-Observer’s Week 11 Bingo Card

The Charlotte News & Observer runs a Book Club Bingo feature to encourage children to read more.Most book bloggers call this a “Reading Challenge” and plan their reading to meet all the categories. I get neurotic and end up not reading when I do that. Instead I just read, then at some point, I take stock of where I’m at with whatever Challenge–or in this case whatever week’s Bingo card.


I decided to look at this weeks card to see how my 2017 reading is going.

How I scored: no Bingo yet for 2017, let alone for this week. I always get socked by squares like A YA Novel or A Graphic Novel or, just as bad, A Short Story Collection–and on this card all three were in one row pretty well dooming the entire card in one way or another. I also didn’t read anything (yet) from the year I was born, none made me cry, I may have read something by a NC author and not know it and I haven’t been re-reading things. Re-reading is the square that cut me out of a bingo! I can think of one self-published memoir, written by a graduate of my high school (he was a year or two ahead of me) that IS about my hometown, but I bought it and haven’t read it.  That square killed another bingo. And then there’s the always popular Book With a Number in the Title. I didn’t read a Stephanie Plum yet this year, so that one did in yet another row.

Why not match up your reading so far this year. How do you fare? Leave me a comment!



3 thoughts on “Reading Bingo!

  1. sjbraun

    You’re the perfect person to do this, with your vast amounts of reading! I don’t think I’d fare so well. I do good to just try to keep my “to read” list from growing too quickly. This is the first year I even set a reading goal (50 books). We’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to set myself up for any more failure …

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  2. I did a summer reading challenge for the first time last year and some of these BINGO categories were in it. I thought it was fun, but I prefer to wander through my reading and pick whatever hits me at the moment. I would have trouble reading a graphic novel, although I did read an Archie one a couple years ago because I was interested in the genre. Graphic novels are hugely popular at our library. I’ve already read A Book Set in Your Home Town, my Dad’s memoir, so that counts, right? Happy Reading and Happy First Day of Spring!

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