As Good as They Say It Is: Underground Railroad


What if the underground railway had been a real railroad? That’s the teaser on the back of this award-winning new novel. Usually when Oprah loves a book it is too filled with sorrow and abuse for me to deal with, but this one? WOW! This is an award-winner that deserves even more accolades

Fed up with life under an abusive master, two slaves, Cora and Caesar, take off for freedom via the underground railroad. On their travels thru different states they encounter just about every solution to the “freedom” issue ever put out for discussion. This is without doubt one of the most fascinating fiction journeys ever. Every word, every story, felt real.

I first listened to the parts of the book dramatized on BBC4’s Book at Bedtime program, then listened to it all on the audio book version from the library. Few books have held my attention as well or have made me stop and think so much. Many times it was a punch to the gut, other times it delivered tears, sorrow and more.

In years to come, when students read the literature of slavery, after they read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the will read The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

Rating: 4.5 Stars–Not to Be Missed– Just Read it!

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