Top 5 Wednesday: The only Sci-Fi I’ve Ever Read


This month’s topics are all going to be difficult for me! Take this week–I’m so NOT a sci-fi fan. The Empire Strikes back was the worst date of my life. I pretty much loathe sci fi, though I did like an article in the 80’s in an academic journal on popular culture that compared the tv show Battlestar Galactica to Mormon Theology…..THAT was creative! Apologies to any LDS reading this (or to BG fans). Heck, I couldn’t stand Lost in Space as a kid!

For the record, I’m not hot on fantasy either, but have enjoyed a few of those. I consider Wrinkle in Time to be fantasy, not sci fi.

Please note: I make an exception for the original Star Trek. I’m not a trekkie by any means, but I can watch that. Especially the old Chicago one, the one with the love potion and the tribbles. And the cartoon of Spock’s childhood.


This book may well have spawned my dislike of sci-fi. I remember reading part of it in 5th grade and thinking (though we didn’t say that back then) WT????

These books were only marginally better than my other nemesis of my Freshman year in college–Waiting for Godot. They killed and I do mean KILLED an entire weekend holed up in my grandmother’s den hibernating reading these so I could get a respectable grade in the first course in my major–Intro to International Relations. Yes, these perfectly illustration the Uni-Polar, Bi-Polar and Multi-Polar political models of the world. I understand from a sci fi-freak friend who read them gladly when I offered them to her, that these are GREAT. If you are a sci fi reader, have at it. If not, move on. The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov.


It took dogged determination to stay awake thru this one. Considering I listened to the audio on my daily commute that was essential. I love C.S. Lewis, but not this. Out of the Silent Planet.

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: The only Sci-Fi I’ve Ever Read

  1. Ha ha, I’m with you on all this — although I’ve never seen any Star Trek (no desire to), and I *did* actually enjoy Lost in Space as a child. Haven’t read any of these books, don’t want to! I guess Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was a big clue that I did not like this genre either 🙂 The cover of that book you read in gr. 5 is cracking me up.


  2. I do like sci-fi novels, sometimes. Space, yes. Dystopian future, yes. Robots, meh, not so much. I loved the Hitchhikers quintilogy. I think Sir Terry Pratchett was a god amongst us mere mortals (perhaps he’s more of a fantasy writer, with the Discworld world building and whatnot). A list of Sci-fi books I’ve enjoyed, in no particular order:
    1. Lock In by John Scalzi
    2. Ready Player One by Ernst Cline
    3. Tankborn by Karen Sandler
    4. The Highest Frontier by Joan Slonczewski
    5. 2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America by Albert Brooks

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  3. I am not a big Sci-Fi fan either but I did read the classic Dune and I also really enjoyed Kurt Vonnegut books which have sci-fi elements. I liked Star Trek The Next Generation and have watched all the Star Trek and Star Wars movies with Star Trek being my preference over Star Wars. I do love Wrinkle in Time too and I had no idea C.S. Lewis wrote a sci-fi book but upon your recommendation I’ll pass on it!

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