Review: News of the World. Get ready to be delighted


The Story

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd earns a living reading the newspaper to audiences in Reconstruction-era small Texas Towns. Along the way he accepts a commission to return a girl captured by the Caddo Indian Tribe when they killed her parents and sister. Johanna Leonberger remembers nothing but her life as “Cicada”– a Caddo girl. But, for a $50 gold piece, Captain Kidd agrees to take on the harrowing journey way down state to San Antonio and beyond to return her to her surviving relatives.

What I Loved

This is a road trip never to be forgotten! I loved every step. EVERY STEP. The authentic voices written for “Captain” and Johanna are unequaled. The portrayal of a child traumatized and defensive, lacking trust, but having courage is superb.The relationship that the elderly Captain and the 10-year old girl build is so sweet and so real I didn’t want the book to end. But, this is not Heidi–there is a lot of action! I loved it all. This book deserves every award out there.

What I Want

Please, please, please make a movie of this that stays TRUE to the book and doesn’t veer off into any ridiculously pc added story lines and let this guy, Sam Elliot, play Captain Kidd. I can see no one else in this role. No one. That is all.


I also want you to read this tremendous little book. It’s maybe just beyond a one sitting wonder, but it is a gem.

The audio version, read by Grover Gardner perfectly captures the spirit and tone of this wonderful book.


4.75 Stars

Yes. It IS that good.

News of the World by Paulette Jiles

7 thoughts on “Review: News of the World. Get ready to be delighted

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I have a copy on my shelf (and then bought the audiobook since it’s today’s Audible Daily Deal), and I’ve been looking forward to starting it. 🙂

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