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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly get-together of bloggers posting book lists on a theme. You can join fun each week at the Broke and The Bookish blog.

This week it’s 10 things that make me instantly want to read (or listen to) a new book.

Number One and Number Two (random order)

Photo Credit Jeremy Irons Photo Credit Sean Connery

Having either of these two read an audio book means I not only will listen I might even BUY the audio book!



Edwardian racingKingsParty

Photo credit

The word “Edwardian” is used in the description of the story.



Photo credit

The terms “between the wars,” “country house,” or “aristocracy” are used in the description of the story.



The book was written by any of a dozen or more favorite authors.



The cover features a man looking like Jeremy Irons or Sean Connery.



Photo credit    Photo credit


The book has something to do with a royal, a Roosevelt or a Churchill.



One of my like-minded reader friends says I must read it and they are the friends who know what I really will like.




The book has amazing food in it.



The book just somehow attracts my notice for another reason.


What instantly makes me DROP a book and forgot it:

  1. Graphic sex
  2. Graphic violence
  3. Overuse of profanity
  4. Animal cruelty
  5. Historical inaccuracies
  6. Diversity rammed in just to have diversity
  7. Modern views in historical characters
  8. Sleazy covers
  9. The word “dystopian” used anywhere.
  10. The words “zombie” or “vampire” used anywhere.


Why not go to the Broke and the Bookish and enjoy other great Top Ten Tuesday lists from this week? Or, read the rules and post your own!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  1. I like your list. I feel it is more honest that the other lists I have seen today. I agree about going weak on the knees for books about food. Have you read The Improbability of Love? That was a recent one that I loved.

    Yes, I do not like graphic sex and violence and also diversity included just for the sake of it


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